Slumber Party Ideas for Women & Older Girls

by Christi Aldridge
A slumber party doesn't have an age limit.

A slumber party doesn't have an age limit.

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Slumber parties are a mainstay of youth for most girls. There is nothing like getting together with your girlfriends to talk about guys, paint your nails, watch romantic comedies and eat junk food. Fortunately, these activities can be done at any age, so don't rule out having a slumber party just because you are over 15. If you're a woman or an older girl, tailor your party to the age you are now and have a great time with your friends staying in.


For women, send out a retro-inspired invitation. Create customized invitations on your computer, and use graphics of old teen idols, bands that were popular when you were a teenager, or just fun graphics like cassette tapes, records and toys from the era. Mention bringing pajamas and a sleeping bag or blankets, favorite snack, and any games or movies that might be a fun addition. Set a time for when the party begins and ends, and give guests plenty of notice in case they need to get a babysitter or make arrangements to spend a night away from home.


Gear activities to your guests' interests. If you are a group of moms who rarely get to sit down with an R-rated flick, grab a stack of movies for a movie marathon. Old board games are a good option, as well as spa treatments such as painting nails or doing facials. If your guests like to scrapbook, set up a craft table where you can scrapbook or do other crafts such as decoupage or decorate blank photo frames. Listen to old music and reminisce about your teen days, or have a dance and karaoke contest while listening to songs form your youth.


For a retro feel, order a couple of pizzas and serve soft drinks, or bring the party into the present with some catered options or just snack items such as a vegetable or fruit tray and sandwich options. Serve a nice sit-down meal to party guests, or just some various nibbles. Have plenty of snacks on hand such as chips, pretzels, popcorn and candy, of course. Decide beforehand if you want to include alcohol in your party, for guests who are of age. If you do, have some mixers on hand or just some wine, based on your guests' preferences and tastes. Have some breakfast on hand for the next morning, such as coffee with flavored creams, donuts or bagels with spreads.

Favor Bags

Make some fun party bags for guests to take home. Fill cellophane bags with small gift cards to a local coffee shop or movie theater, mini nail polish or lip gloss, or use your computer to burn mix CD's of retro hits. Hit the cheap movie bin at your local retailer to find an old movie to throw in, or make some cookies or cupcakes homemade to add to the gift bag. You don't have to spend a lot to make it a memorable treat for party-goers who will never forget the slumber party experience.

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