Slumber Party Games for 14-Year-Olds

by Krystal Miller
Create a variety of games for your teen's next sleepover.

Create a variety of games for your teen's next sleepover.

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Aside from the late night gossip and loads of snack foods, slumber parties can include entertaining party games. Plan your 14-year-old's next slumber party with a few games for them to play. Games will give the teens something to do throughout the night and give them a chance to earn prizes. Entice the guests to play along by awarding fuzzy slippers, pajama sets and fleece blankets to game winners.

Outdoor Games

Once it's dark outside, have the guests go outside for a scavenger hunt. Hide several party favors such as body mist, hair accessories, books, art kits, candy and themed-party favors. Each guest has a small paper sack to hunt for her own party favors. For a variation, hide candy or plastic eggs. The player who finds the most eggs wins a large prize. You can also mark stars on some of the hidden objects and the player who find those prizes wins a prize, too. For added fun, give each guest a small flashlight to help find the hidden objects.

Funny Games

Write truth questions or dares on a beach ball. Examples include "Stand on your head for 30 seconds," "Name your biggest crush" and "Sing the chorus to your favorite song." Write a point value beside each dare or question. Have the guests sit in a circle and toss the ball to one another. When a player catches the ball, she must answer the question or attempt the dare. If she answers the question or completes the dare, she earns the points. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins a prize. If you do not have a beach ball, simply write the dares and questions on slips of paper. Have each guests draw a slip of paper from the bowl at least three times.

Scary Games

Plan a game of scary hide and seek by giving one player a cell phone. The player with the cell phone is "it" and has three minutes to go hide. After three minutes, the other party guests must look for "it." The player who finds "it" is the new "it" for the next game. Each 30 seconds "it" must call the house phone to give a small clue of her whereabouts. For a reverse game, have each player who finds the "it" player hide with her instead of telling everyone she found her. The last player to find "it" is the new "it" for the next game.

Team Games

Instead of toilet-papering houses, the girls can toilet paper each other. Divide the girls into two teams and have each team select a captain. Give each team three rolls of toilet paper. When you say "Go," the teams must roll their team captains with all three rolls. The first team to use all three rolls wins the game. For another team game, give each team a roll of aluminum foil, plastic wrap and masking tape. The teams must create an outfit for the team captain in 15 minutes. Award a prize to the team with the most creative outfit.

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