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    "Bratz Stylin' Slumber Party" Ideas

    "Bratz Stylin' Slumber Party" is an all-encompassing guide for girls wanting to throw a sleepover for friends. The Bratz doll characters cover everything she needs to know, including how many guests to invite, invitations, activities for the night and even the right food. Help the little girl in your life prepare for her slumber party by using "Bratz Stylin' Slumber Party" ideas.

    Girls' Slumber Party Games and Activities

    Sleepovers are a classic way to celebrate a girl's birthday. If you're a young girl, there's nothing like hanging out with your closest friends in the backyard for a night of camping or in sleeping bags on the living room floor. If your daughter is having a slumber party, all you need are a few pizzas and some entertaining activities to create a memorable sleepover party.

    Ideas for an Age 12 Slumber Party

    Don't make the mistake of thinking that your 12-year-old's slumber party will be lights out at the normal bedtime hour. Tween slumber parties are meant for kids to pull all-nighters -- or close to it -- which means that a proper host of activities must be in order to keep them entertained for hours. Make sure the activities you set out for the slumber party are quiet ones, so the rest of the people in your home can still get some sleep.

    Things to Do at a Slumber Party So You Won't Fall Asleep

    Slumber parties are sleepovers for a group of people that involve a number of activities, none of which include sleeping. In fact, dire consequences may await individuals who give into slumber. To avoid recordings of snoring, the hand stuck in peanut butter that ends up on the nose trick or photographs of unflattering makeovers, there are activities guaranteed to keep everyone awake.

    Slumber Party Game Ideas for 8-Year-Olds

    A slumber party is a time for children to invite over their friends to stay the night. When hosting a slumber party for 8-year-olds, keep the guests involved in the party throughout the evening with entertaining games. Games will prevent boredom and give the guests a chance to win prizes they can take home as mementos of the party. Some prize ideas include plush pet pillows, sleeping masks and pillowcases.

    Things to Do the Day Before a Slumber Party

    Slumber parties have been a tradition for boys and girls for years, and can be lots of fun for the host of the party and the guests. Some slumber parties can be an unpredictable experience for parents of the host, but a little preparation will help you throw a successful sleepover. There are a few things that should be done the day before a slumber party in order to reduce stress on the day of.

    Games to Play at a 12-Year-Old Girl's Slumber Party

    Avoid watching your 12-year-old daughter's sleepover turn boring by planning a variety of party games. Party games will keep the girls involved in the party, as well as give them a chance to win prizes to take home as mementos of the party. Tape the girls playing games and allow them to watch it later that night for some definite laughs.

    Slumber Party Ideas for Women & Older Girls

    Slumber parties are a mainstay of youth for most girls. There is nothing like getting together with your girlfriends to talk about guys, paint your nails, watch romantic comedies and eat junk food. Fortunately, these activities can be done at any age, so don't rule out having a slumber party just because you are over 15. If you're a woman or an older girl, tailor your party to the age you are now and have a great time with your friends staying in.

    Things to Do at a Slumber Party for 12-Year-Olds

    Twelve-year-olds are a tricky group to entertain -- they know what they want, but they are hard to please. This applies to all aspects of their lives, including a slumber party. Consider these ideas for your girl's or boy's next slumber party; not only will these ideas keep them entertained, but they will probably talk all about them the next week at school -- which, for parents, is "mission accomplished."

    Things to Do at a 10-Year-Old Girl's Slumber Party

    Your daughter peers anxiously out the window as she waits for her first slumber party guest to arrive. Meanwhile, you wrack your brain trying to come up with ideas that will keep a group of lively 10-year-old girls busy for the evening. The trick is to come up with ideas that will entertain them, aren't too difficult to execute and don't involve hiring a cleaning squad once the fun is over.

    Slumber Party Games for 14-Year-Olds

    Aside from the late night gossip and loads of snack foods, slumber parties can include entertaining party games. Plan your 14-year-old's next slumber party with a few games for them to play. Games will give the teens something to do throughout the night and give them a chance to earn prizes. Entice the guests to play along by awarding fuzzy slippers, pajama sets and fleece blankets to game winners.

    Fun Games and Pranks to Play at a Hotel Slumber Party

    Holding a slumber party at a hotel instantly makes it seem more exciting than a party held at home, but there are extra concerns when inviting children to a hotel party. While guests should enjoy themselves, your group should never disturb other hotel guests. Plan active events early in the evening so guests will be tired and quieter late at night when guests are sleeping nearby.

    Creative Ways to Make a Stage for a Kid's Tween Slumber Party

    Anyone who has ever had a slumber party at her house knows it takes planning. Everything from the kinds of foods served to the games and entertainment is well thought-out before party time. A tweens' (children between the ages of 8 and 12) slumber party often features girls and boys acting out and crooning to top pop songs. When this happens, the proper stage is in order for any tune to sound its best!

    Girl's Slumber Party Planning Ideas

    Girls' slumber parties are a time for staying up all night, giggling, gossiping, munching on party foods, participating in amusing activities and generally having a hen party. Planning a slumber party is not an arduous task if you choose a theme and have invitations, snacks, entertainment and decorations that go with the theme.

    Tricks to Do at a Slumber Party for Tweens

    It's no secret that tweens love slumber parties. They offer a chance to stay up late, snack on junk food and gossip with friends. But, as everyone knows, one of the best parts of a slumber party is the time and opportunities they afford tweens for playing tricks and pulling pranks. But the tweens don't have to be the only ones -- if you're supervising the party, you can pull a few pranks of your own.

    Information on Throwing Your Own Adult Slumber Party

    Slumber parties aren't just for little kids. This entertaining event can also work well for an adult group of girlfriends, and it will be a welcome change from the normal get-togethers everyone has become accustomed to. Throw one for adults by adding a grown-up twist to classic kid-oriented slumber party activities.

    Checklist for a Slumber Party

    Planning a slumber party can be a major project. Making a checklist of things to do and supplies to have can be a huge help. Whether it is a birthday party or simply a weekend get together, there are several important things to have on your checklist to ensure that your child's slumber party is a success.

    Cool Movies to Rent for a Preteen's Slumber Party

    Movies are a staple of any preteen slumber party. Staying up all night and having a movie marathon is an essential component of party fun, so choose some movies that are age-appropriate and interesting enough to keep preteens involved in what's going on in the film. Humor, fun scares and romance are elements preteen girls love seeing in their favorite movies. Pick one theme for the whole night, or several types of movies to provide variety.

    Activities for a Girls' Night Slumber Party

    A girls' night full of fun, giggles and ultrafeminine fabulous-ness cannot be beat. Girls love slumber parties with their friends, and planning fun activities ahead of time can help make any slumber party a big hit. Choose activities that are easy to do with a group, hold everyone's attention and, most of all, are ultragirly.