Sleeping Beauty Party Theme

by Shannon Lee
Every little girl should feel like a princess on her birthday.

Every little girl should feel like a princess on her birthday. Images

Birthdays are exciting for all children. For a little girl, a birthday party should be an event that leaves her feeling like a princess. When the party is centered around a Disney princess, that whimsical atmosphere is even greater. For a little girl who wants a Sleeping Beauty-themed party, a few special touches can make her day magical and memorable.


A creative invitation sets the tone of the party before it even begins. Since the invitations are being given to young girls, incorporate as many images of Sleeping Beauty and her castle as possible, and adhere to a color scheme that includes plenty of pink. Word the invitation like a poem, starting with "Once Upon a Time..." and conclude by asking your guests to RSVP by telephone to the Castle of (your daughter's name).


To create a fun entrance way, gather plenty of empty cardboard boxes and paint them stone gray. Stack them on either side of the exterior doorway to create a castle-like look, making your guests feel as if they are truly entering a castle. Inside, hang life-sized replicas of Princess Aurora and her fairies, as well as the Prince, around the party area and take a picture of each child with the replicas. Include plenty of pink balloons and streamers as well. Of course, don't forget the ultimate piece of decor -- the birthday girl's beautiful nightgown.


Refreshments at a Sleeping Beauty party should be simple enough for little girls to enjoy hassle-free but fancy enough so that her and her guests feel like they are at a real princess party. Serve drinks out of miniature (plastic) teacups, and serve a variety of cookies and mini-cupcakes with plenty of pink frosting and sprinkles. For the main course, serve small finger sandwiches and cut up fruit. For the cake, purchase or make a castle-themed cake adorned with figurines of Princess Aurora and the Prince on top.


Games and crafts are an important part of a child's birthday party, but for younger children who tend to prefer free play, limit the organized activities to one. A fun craft for a Sleeping Beauty party is tiara decorating. Purchase small, plain silver tiaras from your local dollar store, ensuring that there is one per guest plus a few extras (in case of any tiara malfunctions). Head to your local craft store and purchase a variety of stick-on adornments like jewels, rhinestones, stickers and anything else that can be attached without glue. Let the guests add as many adornments as they would like to their tiaras. The girls can wear right away; the absence of glue eliminates drying time.

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