Skydiving in Houston, TX

by Lauren Griffin
Jump out of a plane in Houston, Texas.

Jump out of a plane in Houston, Texas.

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Whether you are a first time jumper crossing an item off your bucket list or an adrenaline junkie looking for another thrill, skydiving is the ultimate rush. People who live near Houston, Texas, have a number of skydiving organizations to choose from that can help make their dreams become a reality.

Where to Skydive

Houston is home to a number of companies that specialize in the art of skydiving, from teaching first-time jumpers to providing a plane for professionals with expert skills. Skydive Spaceland (, Skydive Houston (, Houston Skydiving ( and Skydiving Houston ( are all companies in the Houston area that are dedicated to letting Texans have a blast while staying safe as they fall through the sky.

The Jump

Skydivers in Houston, as well as the rest of the country, are guaranteed to have an experience that is unlike any other. After reaching an altitude of about 14,000 feet, skydivers leap from the plane. For a little over a minute, skydivers free-fall at a speed of approximately 120 miles per hour. Then, at 6,000 feet, the skydiver pulls her ripcord to deploy her parachute and slow her descent to a less heart-racing velocity. For the next five to seven minutes, the jumper descends toward the land and ends the dive by touching down at a specific location.

First Time Dives

With a number of programs designed especially for them, first time divers can feel safe about skydiving in Houston. Many, if not all, of the skydiving companies offer tandem jumps, in which inexperienced jumpers are tethered to a trained professional for the entirety of their descent. Before the jump, new skydivers take a 30 minute course to learn the basics of jumping from the plane, pulling the ripcord, steering the parachute and getting their feet back on the ground.

Other Packages

Houston skydiving companies also offer a variety of packages for people who feel confident in their skydiving and would like to take it to the next level. People who are interested in learning how to skydive solo can enroll in a solo skydiver training program or accelerated free-fall, where, with the help of a trained, licensed professional, they learn how to safely skydive on their own and obtain skydiving certification. Jumpers with certification can arrange their own solo jumps, too.

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