Skydiving in Alberta, Canada

by Lauren Griffin
Have a blast skydiving in Alberta.

Have a blast skydiving in Alberta.

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It's hard to beat the intense thrill of jumping out of a plane and falling to the Earth at heart-racing speeds. Whether you're an experienced adrenaline junkie or someone who's new to living on the edge, Alberta, Canada is home to several companies dedicated to letting people enjoy the rush of skydiving while promoting safety.

Skydiving Companies & Locations

The province of Alberta boast a number of skydiving companies with programs designed for a range of divers, from first-timers to licensed professionals. In Calgary, skydivers can choose from companies such as Skydive Big Sky ( and Alberta Skydivers ( to arrange their jumps. Edmonton Skydive Center ( and Eden North Parachute School ( are companies in Edmonton that help thrill-seekers live out their dreams.

Getting Ready

Regardless of which skydiving company they ultimately choose, skydivers can rest assured that they will receive thorough safety training and state-of-the-art equipment when skydiving in Alberta. Before boarding the plane, jumpers must attend a mandatory safety training course, where they will learn the basics of their gear, exiting the plane, pulling the ripcord and deploying the parachute, as well as steering and landing safely. The skydiving companies provide jumpers with the necessary gear, including a jumpsuit, helmet and goggles.

Tandem Skydives

First-time jumpers often feel safer when relying on the expert knowledge of an experienced skydiver on their first jump. During a tandem skydive, jumpers are harnessed to an instructor for the duration of their jump. On a tandem skydive, the jumper and his instructor fly to an altitude of about 9,500 to 12,500 feet before jumping from the plane and free-falling. During free-fall, the jumper reaches speeds of approximately 120 mph. After about 35 seconds of free-fall, the instructor pulls the ripcord and the duo safely coasts down to Earth.

Other Skydives

Dedicated skydivers who are ready to move on from tandem jumps can embark on more independent skydiving adventures in Alberta. After an extensive five-hour ground school followed by a written comprehension test, some skydivers are ready for their first solo jump. Here, an instructor guides the solo skydiver as he jumps from the plane at 4,000 feet, with a three-to-five-second free-fall. Many companies also offer an accelerated free-fall program, which is an eight-level, eight-jump course that provides students with one-on-one training as the student works toward a solo certificate.

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