How to Sketch a Woman

by Lindsay Howell

Drawing a woman is slightly different than drawing a man. On average, women are smaller in height and build than men. However, there is a common set of guidelines that you will be able to follow to accurately draw women. These guidelines ensure that your drawings of females look like real women and not like men portraying women.

Step 1

Draw, lightly, seven small circles of equal size in a straight vertical line, one on top of the other. These circles will help you draw the frame of the woman's body.

Step 2

Draw two small circles on each side of the second circle from the top to emulate the shoulders; these circles should be about one eighth the size of one of the original seven circles. Create the elbows by drawing two circles beside the third circle from the top, placing them so they are almost touching the third circle. Draw a circle on each side of the fourth circle, slightly farther out than the circles representing the elbows, to create the wrists. Draw two small ovals on each side of the fourth circle so that the ovals and the fourth circle overlap; the ovals should not be touching the wrists.

Step 3

Draw a smaller oval within the top circle to create the woman's head. The top of the oval and the circle must come together. Draw two circles for the knee joints between the fifth and sixth circles. Draw four circles in the bottom circle in two sets of two to create the ankles and the feet. The circles for the ankles should be placed a little more than halfway down the last circle; the circles for the feet should be partially outside of the bottom circle.

Step 4

Connect the shoulder circles together with a fine, straight line. Draw a straight line that connects the hips. Draw straight lines to connect the shoulders, elbows and wrists. Draw a small straight line that comes off the wrists to emulate the hands. Draw a straight line from the center of the top inner circle all the way to the middle of the line that connects the hips to create the spine. Draw straight lines to connect the hips to the knees and the knees to the feet.

Step 5

Create the basis of the female figure's limbs by lightly drawing thin ovals that connect to each of the joints you drew in Steps 2 and 3. For example, draw an oval the begins at the shoulder joint and ends at the elbow joints to create the upper arm, then another oval connecting the elbow and the wrists to create the forearm. Draw ovals connecting the hips to the knees, and the knees to the ankles.

Step 6

Erase all lines that are outside of the body.

Step 7

Sketch in the woman's hair. Many woman have long hair, but that does not mean it is mandatory to draw long hair for your female figure.

Step 8

Draw your female figure's eyes, placing them almost halfway down the head, spacing them apart so that each eye is nearly touching the side of the figure's the head. Draw a nose underneath the figure's eyes, then a mouth underneath that. If you have drawn long hair, you do not have to draw ears. If your figure has short hair, or if the hair is going to be pushed behind her ears, draw the ears so that the tops of the ears and the tops of the eyes are on the same plane.

Step 9

Draw clothing and shoes that go over the torso, legs and arms.

About the Author

Lindsay Howell has been writing since 2003. Her works have been featured in "Bittersweet," her campus literary magazine. Howell has a Bachelor of Arts in English literature from Frostburg State University.