Skating Rinks Near Kansas City, Kansas

by Laurie Rappeport
Enjoy the skating opportunities near Kansas City, Kansas.

Enjoy the skating opportunities near Kansas City, Kansas.

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People of all ages enjoy skating, both individually and as part of a local team or sport, and it's a healthy physical activity as well. The Mayo Clinic rates ice skating as a form of exercise that can burn 511 calories per hour for a 160-pound person. The Kansas City, Kansas area offers a wide variety of skating opportunities. Kansas City residents can have fun while exercising at either a local ice skating or roller skating rink.

Skate City Legends

Skate City Legends (7838 Washington Ave., Kansas City, Kan.; features enjoyable roller skating activities for individuals and families. The rink offers public skating, skating lessons, roller hockey games and skating for homeschoolers, in addition to a game arcade. Kids and grown-ups can access the arcade and snack bar during their skating sessions and skate to the music. Skate City Legends reserves the rink on Mondays and Tuesdays for private parties.

Skate City Kansas

Skate City Kansas (10440 Mastin, Overland Park; offers roller skating for youngsters and older skaters. The rink features skate rentals as well as private lessons and group classes. Private parties can book the rink on Tuesdays. Skate City Kansas reserves the rink on Wednesday mornings for young children to skate.

Kansas City Ice Center

The Kansas City Ice Center (19900 Johnson Dr., Shawnee, Kan.;, 10 miles from Kansas City, has individual and group public skating times as well as scheduled times and days for freestyle skating. Adult and youth hockey teams also practice at the center. The rink offers group skating lessons for varying ages, teaching basic skating skills and helping the beginning skater learn to develop coordination and balance on the ice.

The Crown Center Ice Terrace

The Ice Terrace (2450 Grand Blvd., Kansas City, Mo.; is an outdoor ice skating rink at Kansas City's Crown Center. The rink opens during the late fall and winter months, with skate rentals available to skaters of all ages. The rink offers group rates, and skaters can hold birthday parties and other events at the rink. On Tuesday evenings, skaters can enjoy a two-for-one rate, paying one full-price admission and receiving a second admission free.

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