Skating Party Invitations

by Terry Mulligan

If you are about to plan a skating party for your son or daughter, you'll need ideas for invitations to the celebration. Whether roller skating, speed skating, figure skating or skateboarding, the party will start off right with a creative skating-themed invitation calling your child's friends to come to the event. Every invitation should state whom the party is for, what type of party it is, as well as when and where the party will be.

Roller Skating Invite

If it's time for a good old-fashioned roller skating party, set the mood with a roller skate-shaped party invitation. Search free clip art for a picture of a roller skate and then write your personalized invitation information on the side of the skate. You can start with a rhyme: "Don't be late / You're invited to skate / So keep this card to save the date!" Print the rest of the party information on the card and cut the invitation to the shape of the skate to finish.

Boy's Speed Skating Invitation

If you've got a competitive bunch, regular ice skating will never do. Try organizing a boy's speed skating invitation at a long ice rink or a long natural outdoor pond. Let your invitation set a competitive tone with a picture of two speed skaters racing each other to the finish. Announce the event on the invitation: "Who will take home the gold? Come to the party. It's a skate to the finish." Don't forget to get foil-wrapped gold chocolate coins for the winner.

Girls Figure Skating

If your little girl is into figure skating, she's probably got plenty of figure skating friends to share a party with her. Instead of making the skate center stage on the invitation, make the ice the focal point of the card. Draw a large skating pond with little figure skaters circling all around the edge. Place the wording of your invitation in the middle of the pond: "Sending you an invitation / To attend a skating celebration / Come in costume and wear your best / Have a good time and we'll do the rest!" Telling the girls to come dressed in their best costumes will guarantee party pictures that will be adorable.


It might be totally different than the other modes of skating; but, skateboarding is popular with both boys and girls. Throwing a skateboarding party in a dedicated skate park would be a treat for any skateboarding enthusiast. Create an invitation in the shape of a skateboard and add thicker cardboard wheels to the invite for greater dimension. Place the wording for the invitation on the skateboard: "You're invited to spin, flip or turn on a dime / It's a skateboard party for a rolling good time!"

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