Skateboarding In Nevada

by Michael Monet
Nevada has a large skateboarding community.

Nevada has a large skateboarding community.

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Nevada is home to an enthusiastic community of skaterboarders. Skaters here have access to a plethora of parks, skate spots, skate clubs and even school skate programs. Whether you're just starting or looking to expand your skating skill and community, there's a spot and a group for every level. Take advantage of every resource available and skate as much as possible.


The Nevada area has skateparks in several surrounding cities. Skaters often travel to Boulder City, Carson City, Henderson, Reno, Las Vegas and Sun Valley, Nevada to skate one of the many parks available. The Concrete Disciples website lists parks by location and provides pictures so that skaters can match a park to their skill level before traveling out to skate.

Reno Skateboarding

The Reno Skateboarding website is dedicated to highlighting the best spots and skaters in Reno, Nevada. Videos, clips and articles highlight skaters and their best tricks each week. New locations, such as parks and public street skating spots are revealed. Trick tips are given by skaters each week. If you're good enough, you can submit a video to Reno Skateboarding.

Skate Trips

All Star Adventures offers adult skate trips in Las Vegas, Nevada. These skate trips are led by professional skateboarders. Attendees are taken around Las Vegas skateparks, street spots, or unusual locations such as empty pools that serve as skating bowls. These trips include lodging, transport and breakfast and are led by local and professional guides.

Getting Started

To break into the skateboarding scene in Nevada, locate several popular street skating spots and skate parks using the websites mentioned above. Wear the appropriate pads and protective gear and take a friend for safety. If you can afford it, Las Vegas skate trips take you to the best public and secret spots. The Go Skate website directory lists skateboarding classes by location in Nevada.

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