Sixth-Grade Valentine's Party Activities

by Krystal Miller
Use conversation hearts to prepare games for sixth-graders.

Use conversation hearts to prepare games for sixth-graders.

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Many schools allow sixth-grade teachers to have a Valentine's classroom party. When hosting a Valentine's party for sixth-grade students, plan a variety of entertaining games to keep them involved in the party. Games will allow the students to have some fun aside from everyday schoolwork. Entice students to try their best by awarding packages of Valentine's candy, pens and notepads to game winners.

Bingo Games

Print bingo cards with conversation hearts in each square. Hand one card out to each student and give him a bowl of heart-shaped candies to use as bingo markers. Call out random wording found on conversation hearts and have the students mark off the corresponding heart on the bingo card. The student who earns bingo and yells "I love Valentine's Day," wins the game and prize. Another idea is to print pictures of Valentine's-related items like cupid, a heart, lips or a box of candy in each bingo square.

Matching Games

Cut heart shapes out of construction paper and write different sayings on each one. Example sayings include "Be Mine" and "Happy Valentine's Day." Cut the hearts in half and hide the halves all over the classroom. Each student must find one heart half and find the student who has the matching half. The first pair of students to find matching pieces wins the game. Another idea is to write items that go together on the halves, such as "eggs and milk," "peanut butter and jelly" and "eggs and bacon."

Candy Games

Divide the sixth-graders into two teams and have each team sit in a circle. Give each player a small chocolate-wrapped candy and have her place the candy in front of her. One player from each team must put on a large pair of work gloves. When you say "Go," the children must race to unwrap the candy and eat it. They must pass the gloves to the next player in the circle when they finish, who must do the same thing. The first team to unwrap each piece of candy wins the race. Another idea is to give each student a bowl of conversation hearts. Tell the students to build the tallest candy tower they can. The player with the tallest candy tower after two minutes wins the game.

Prize Games

Write numbers on heart-shaped pieces of construction paper. Write the same numbers on slips of paper and place the slips of paper in a bowl. Have the children stand on a number and draw a number from the bowl. The student standing on that number wins a prize. Another idea is to wrap a prize in several boxes and layers Valentine's wrapping paper. Have the children sit in a circle and pass the gift. When you say "Stop," the player holding the gift will unwrap a layer and open the box. Keep passing the gift, and the student who opens the last box wins the prize.

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