What to Do for My Sister's Bachelorette Party

by Lauren Griffin

While the wedding may be the big event, a bachelorette party provides women with an excuse to get together and celebrate the future bride's last days as a single woman. While planning the event as sister of the bride may seem like a challenge, you can draw upon the years the two of you have spent together to plan the perfect bachelorette party.

Childhood Memory

Plan a bachelorette party around your sister's favorite childhood memory. By revisiting the past or creating a similar experience, you'll create a bachelorette party that's especially meaningful. A family vacation spot, such as a beach house, may serve as inspiration. Even if you're unable to rent the same exact house, remind your sister and her friends of the good old days by basking in the sun and splashing in the waves. For dinner, head to a local seafood joint and reminisce about good times with family and friends before hitting the tiki bar for pina coladas.


Las Vegas is the stereotypical destination for a bachelorette party. Even if you can't afford tickets to Nevada, it's easy to capture the excitement of the casino in your own home. Decorate Casino "Jane" (named after your sister) in balloons, streamers and table settings that show off your sister's style. Begin the evening by serving your sister and her friends her favorite meal. After a delicious dinner and some drinks, sit the women down for some poker or another casino-like game.

Favorite Film

Because you grew up together, you know all of your sister's favorite things. Show off your close knowledge of your sister by hosting a bachelorette party inspired by her favorite book or movie. For example, have your sister and her friends dress up like Audrey Hepburn for a "Breakfast at Tiffany's"-themed party. After a screening of the film and elegant hors d'oeuvres, serve Tiffany-blue cocktails. Continue the theme by keeping your glamorous outfits on, even if you go out for drinks later.

Goof Around

Cut loose and spend your sister's bachelorette party doing what you did for years: goofing around. Cater a low-key bachelorette party to your sister's interests. A sports fanatic will have a blast cheering on her favorite team and filling up on hot dogs and beer. Let her and her friends show off their vocal stylings at a dodgy karaoke bar. Even the worst dancer can have fun fist-pumping and dancing with her friends to the loud beats at a club. Let the night go where she wants and just have a good time.

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