Simple Ways to Decorate for an Adult Evening Party

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You can create simple and inexpensive decorations for your adult evening party.

You can create simple and inexpensive decorations for your adult evening party.

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Adult party decorations call for a little more sophistication and panache than decorations for a children's or teen's party. That doesn't mean the decorations have to be complicated or costly. Many dollar stores carry inexpensive items you can use to create an elegant table centerpiece or attractive window hangings and wall decorations.


Whether you're planning an adult evening party for four or 104, centerpieces can provide an elegant and tasteful addition to your table. Pick up some inexpensive, small vases at your local dollar or discount decoration store and rolls of decorative ribbon and paper doilies. Big box stores and many area grocery stores offer large bunches of flowers at a reasonable price. Cut the flower stems to about 6 or 8 inches and place them in vases of water and tie a ribbon around the vase. Place the doily in the center of the table and sprinkle some glitter or shiny foil decorations around the vase. Alternatively, place one vase with two to three flowers for each two place settings and allow the guests to take them home.


Candles and small table lamps create small oases of light where people can mingle and chat. Tea light candles come in packages of four to 100, so you can find package sizes that maximize your budget. Inexpensive lamp chimneys can surround larger candles and protect your guests from an accidental burn or wax drip and guard the candle from accidentally being blown out. Your local dollar or discount store may have cute and colorful candle holders for candles of all sizes. They often carry bulk candles, too.

Table Coverings

You can cover tables with various options. Party supply stores and dollar stores carry paper table coverings, and many carry inexpensive vinyl tablecloths in colorful patterns or clear plastic. You could cover your table with colorful and elegant scarves and protect the scarves with a clear plastic table cover, providing you with distinctive and attractive surfaces. You can use bed sheets, fitted or flat, for large tables.


You can use decorative border paper to make your own banners, using your computer printer. For large banners, print one letter per sheet of paper and string the letters on yarn or filament line. For smaller banners, print one word on a single sheet of paper or splice the words together using tape before stringing them. You can add glittered stars, moons, hearts or other symbols on your banner using thin ribbon or string to add variety and sparkle.

Other Decorations

Add accent items to match your party theme. For example, black elbow gloves and a top hat add elegance to a formal evening party. Cowboy boots, hat and bandanas add a western flair to an evening hoe down. A three-footed flower trellis on red carpet and decorated with ivy and flowers provides an elegant place to take pictures of attendees.

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