Simple Plan for Funny Homemade Halloween Party Costumes

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Keep Halloween costs down with fun homemade alternatives.

Keep Halloween costs down with fun homemade alternatives.

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A child's annual quest for candy can turn into an expensive affair. Newsweek reported that every year Americans spend nearly $2 billion on Halloween costumes. Whether the costumes are store-bought or homemade, assembling the ideal Trick-or-Treat outfit can break the bank. There are several funny costume ideas that cost less than $10 to make at home, ensuring a child's Halloween will be more Treat than Trick.


Jim Halpert on the NBC television show "The Office" showed that a Halloween costume can be topical and affordable when he dressed as Facebook, the popular social networking site. Write the word "book" on your child's forehead using face paint or non-permanent marker, about $2 as of June 2011. For added fun and interactivity, dress the child in a plain white tee, about $2-5 as of June 2011. Have them decorate the front of the shirt with their "profile," some of their favorite things and pictures, and write the word "wall" on the back of the t-shirt. Then carry a marker while Trick-or-Treating and ask candy-givers to "write on their wall."

Ancient Roman

Dressing up as an ancient Roman, even an emperor if the child prefers, is an easy and often free costume to execute. Take a clean bed sheet and wrap it around the child from their underarms down. Take the excess sheet and tie it in a knot above their left shoulder. Friends, Romans, countrymen, we have a toga! For a funny twist, instead of using a solid-colored bed sheet, use a sheet with a fun pattern. To turn the costume from an ancient Roman into an emperor, take about 10 to 15 leaves and tape them together to make a laurel, or crown.

Dirty Cinema

Most people have experienced the sticky crunch of walking across a movie theater floor. That icky sensation is actually an easy-to-make Halloween costume. Dress the child in a long-sleeve, black t-shirt, about $8 as of June 2011. Buy a large bag of candy and a bag of microwave popcorn, about $2 as of June 2011. Then, using tape, staples or pins, adhere the candy and popped popcorn to the dark shirt. When candy-givers ask the child about their costume, the child can reply that they are a movie theater floor, and ask if the giver would like any candy in return. This is sure to garner a few laughs.

Bubble Wrap

Undoubtedly one of the most fun parts of receiving a mailed package is the bonus gift of bubble wrap. Purchase a large portion of bubble wrap from a discount store, about $7 as of June 2011, and wrap it around the child from the underarms down. Secure the bubble wrap with tape. Not only will this costume keep a child warm on a chilly Halloween evening, but they are sure to pop a few bubbles and get a few laughs as they Trick-or-Treat.

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