Simple Centerpiece Ideas for a Birthday Party

by Emilia Lamberto
The perfect centerpiece doesn't necessarily have to be the most expensive.

The perfect centerpiece doesn't necessarily have to be the most expensive.

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You're getting ready to host a birthday party and your plans are going smoothly, until you realize that your table is bare. There is no centerpiece. Before you panic, rest assured that even the most simple of centerpieces can transform an ordinary table into a conversation piece. In fact, coming up with a creative centerpiece may be as simple as searching around your home or making a quick trip to your local discount store.

Crafty Centerpiece

Instead of running out and purchasing an expensive centerpiece, use materials you already have to create your own work of art. Wrap colorful rubber bands around a vase until it is completely covered. Fill the vase with dried flower petals or party favors for guests. Another funky idea for a centerpiece is to paint foam spheres according to the party's color scheme. Use a large sphere for the center and paint it black. Attach the large sphere to an upside-down funnel by pressing the funnel neck into the foam. Use metallic-painted dowels to attach the other spheres to the center sphere.

Edible Centerpieces

A birthday cake or a plate full of delectable and vibrantly colored cupcakes makes for a delicious and visually appealing centerpiece. If you're looking for something a little more original, fill empty flower pots with candies such as peppermints, jelly beans or chocolates. Stick lollipops in the center of the pots to create lollipop bouquets. Another option is to cut up some fruit and place it into a bowl. Place the fruit salad bowl on top of ice for a bold and tasty centerpiece. Chocolate fountains also work well as simple, yet stylish, birthday party centerpieces.

Themed Centerpieces

If the birthday party has a theme, implement the theme in your centerpiece. For example, if the party has a dress-up theme, get creative with wine and martini glasses. Dress them up with costume jewelry and fill them with transparent colored stones. Place a mirror shiny side up on the center of the table and set the glasses on top. This creates an elegant, yet trendy, centerpiece. For a car-themed party, place a large toy car in the center of the table and fill it with goodies such as candy or party favors.

General Birthday Centerpieces

Wrapping up empty boxes to look like presents makes an acceptable centerpiece for any type of birthday party (so long as the guest of honor realizes they're not real). Another practical and versatile option is to purchase flowers in the color of the birthday party scheme. Photo collage trees with pictures of the guest of honor, or floating candles, also work well as birthday party centerpieces.

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