"Silver Bullet" Movie Synopsis

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In "Silvet Bullet," murders happen whenever the moon is full.

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"Silver Bullet" is a horror film that was released in 1985. It is based on the Stephen King novella "Cycle of the Werewolf" and runs for 95 minutes. It was directed by Dan Attias and produced by Dino De Laurentiis. The film is told through the narration of a character in the movie called Jane Coslaw, played by Megan Follows, and focuses on her family relationships.

The Setting

The Coslaw family lives in a peaceful, small rural town in Maine called Tarker's Mill. Nothing exciting ever happens there, and Jane's problems revolve around her strained relationship with her parents and her younger brother Marty, who is a paraplegic. One night, when the moon is full, a series of violent murders begins. The victims are men, women and a young boy named Brady, who was Marty's best friend who stayed out late flying a kite.

Vigilante Group

The townsfolk believe a maniac killer is on the loose, and the local gun shop owner forms a vigilante group that goes out hunting for the killer following Brady's death. The local reverend tries to stop them but is ignored. A mysterious, hairy creature is briefly sighted and several of the group members end up dead. People decide not to go out after dark and the summer fireworks show is canceled.

Uncle Red

Jane and Marty's parents have to go out of town and get their Uncle Red to take care of the kids. Red is a crazy, deadbeat alcoholic who builds a souped-up motorized wheelchair for Marty and nicknames it the Silver Bullet. Marty sneaks out at night in this wheelchair because he wants to light fireworks and the werewolf confronts him on a bridge. Marty shoots a rocket into its left eye and escapes.

Final Showdown

Marty tells Jane what happened and they search for someone with an injured or missing left eye. The reverend is now wearing an eye-patch. They convince Uncle Red that the reverend is the killer and he persuades the sheriff to investigate. The reverend transforms into a werewolf and kills the sheriff. Uncle Red, Jane and Marty have a final showdown with the werewolf and Marty shoots him with a real silver bullet, which kills him.

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