Silly-Themed Party Ideas

by Emma Rensch
Have your friends over for a crazy hat party.

Have your friends over for a crazy hat party.

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Unwind and have some fun with a silly-themed party. Plenty of options exist for ways to relax with your guests, providing a low-key environment. As an added perk, you can pull off most silly party themes for a relatively low cost, since these themese rely more on creativity than spending money.

Clown Party

Nothing is sillier than a clown party. You have the option of hiring a professional clown to attend your party and perform tricks or tell jokes, or you can just ask guests to dress as clowns and offer face painting at the party. If you are not hiring a clown, ask a friend who knows how to tie balloon animals for guests. Provide trick party favors, such as whoopee cushions, invisible ink and fake chewing gum. If your party is outdoors and in a warm climate, give guests pins that squirt water, or introduce a water gun fight as a party activity.

Aerosol String Party

Aerosol string is brightly colored, soft plastic string that is propelled from an aerosol can. Purchase multiple cans of aerosol string at a dollar store or party store, and give them out as party favors. Find a place to host your party where you can easily clean up aerosol string without damaging furniture. An outdoor location like a park might be ideal. Ask guests to wear old clothes that they wouldn't mind becoming dirty, and host an aerosol string battle as a party activity.

Candy Party

Host a silly candy-themed party. Provide many different types of candy for guests to snack on. Include entertaining candy such as colorful lollypops, gummies in the shapes of animals, jawbreakers and licorice jump ropes. Encourage guests to dress up as their favorite candies. Play the board game Candy Land, or play marbles with Gobstoppers. Add an element of humor by giving out toothbrushes as party favors.

Crazy Hat Party

Ask guests to attend your party wearing crazy hats. Don helmets, hard hats, feathered hats or hats designed to look like fruit baskets. A room full of people wearing ridiculous hats lends itself to a silly atmosphere. Hats will provide conversation pieces for acquaintances at the party to get to know one another, and those who like making crafts will have an opportunity to get creative with their costumes.


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