Sightseeing in Philadelphia

by Ian Farquharson
Philadelphia has many attractions for visitors to enjoy.

Philadelphia has many attractions for visitors to enjoy.

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Philadelphia stands on the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers in Pennsylvania. Founded in the 1600s, the city grew to become the largest in the U.S. during the early 1800s and remains one of the largest in modern times. Philadelphia's size ensures that it has plenty of attractions for residents and visitors -- ranging from the first bank of the U.S. Government to the Rocky statue at the Museum of Art.


Iconic locations in the city include the Philadelphia Museum of Art ( The stairs at its east entrance famously featured in the "Rocky" movies, and a statue of the fictional boxer now stands at the museum. It also houses a huge collection of art from around the world, featuring paintings, pottery, and photos. Visitors to the city can also view the Liberty Bell, housed in the Liberty Bell Center ( The center features exhibitions and displays of the origin and history of the bell as well.


Monuments in Philadelphia include the Vietnam Veterans Memorial ( This features two walls, one with the names of many of those who died in the conflict, and the other depicting scenes from the war. Other historic monuments to view include the USS Olympia, a ship which sailed during the Spanish American War; the Columbus Monument, in honor of Christopher Columbus; and the Smith Memorial, which commemorates the Civil War heroes of Philadelphia.

Public Parks

Visitors can learn a little of the founder of Philadelphia, William Penn, at Welcome Park ( Opened during the 300th anniversary of the city, sights to see include a statue of Penn and a depiction of the original layout of the city. Penn Treaty Park, on the cities waterfront, also has historic connections. Penn met with Native Americans under an elm tree in this location to strike an accord for the land on which Philadelphia stands. While the elm died in the 1800s, an obelisk marks its location in the park.

Historic Buildings

Historic buildings in Philadelphia include the very first bank of the U.S. Government. Located between Walnut and Chestnut Streets, the building remained the location of the bank between 1797 and 1811. Betsy Ross produced the first U.S. stars and stripes flag, and the building where she did this still remains. The Betsy Ross House ( now stands as a museum where visitors can learn about the life of the famous flag maker and the history of the 250-year-old house in which she worked.

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