Sightseeing On I-95

by David Harris
I-95 stretches from Maine to Florida.

I-95 stretches from Maine to Florida.

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I-95 is a stretch of highway that spans from Maine down to Florida along the east coast. The highway runs through numerous cities, places of American history, beaches and kitschy tourist meccas. If you decide to drive its nearly 2,000 miles, or just a segment of it, there is plenty of sightseeing to do along the way.

Major Cities

I-95 passes through numerous cities, many of them prime tourist destinations. In New England, you can stop off and visit Boston, where you can walk the Freedom Trail or see the Red Sox play at Fenway Park. Follow the interstate south to New York City, where you can stop by Times Square or catch a Broadway show. In Philadelphia, check out Independence Hall and try a cheesesteak. Baltimore boasts its famous Inner Harbor, and Washington D.C., offers visitors the opportunity to stop by the White House, the Lincoln Memorial and numerous free museums at the Smithsonian. In the South, pull off and explore the greens in Savannah, Georgia. If you follow the interstate to its end, you will reach Miami, where you can enjoy the wild nights of South Beach and explore Little Cuba.


Pull off the highway in southern Maine to visit the small towns of Kittery and Ogunquit. There you can see beautiful examples of the state's coastline. In the summer, visit Hampton Beach, part of New Hampshire's tiny coast. Once you reach New York, the interstate gets further from the coast. However, the beach opportunities begin again when you hit Georgia. By the time you reach Florida, choices abound, stretching from Daytona Beach down to Miami.


I-95 takes tourists through the colonial heart of the United States. If you want to avoid the larger cities, there is plenty of other history along the way. See the Civil War battlefield in Fredericksburg, Va., or visit the Ferry Farm, the place where George Washington grew up. Stop in New Haven, Conn., and wander the historic campus of Yale, which is one of the nation's oldest universities. The interstate also takes you right past St. Augustine, Fla., the oldest permanent settlement in the nation.


Perhaps the kitchiest tourist attraction is just off I-95 and you will see about 200 signs for it, more than 100 miles away. Located on the border of North and South Carolina, South of the Border is so over-the-top, it's worth a visit. This Mexican-themed tourist spot sells everything from backscratchers to fireworks. You can also get married there at the Pleasure Dome wedding chapel or go camping. Although Miami's Art Deco architecture could be considered kitschy, nothing else along the stretch of I-95 is comparable to South of the Border.

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