Sidewalk Chalk Game Ideas

by Kate Bradley
There's more to sidewalk chalk games than just hopscotch.

There's more to sidewalk chalk games than just hopscotch. Images

Sidewalk chalk games and drawings are two of childhood's most enduring activities. If you're tired of being inside, grab a box of sidewalk chalk and head for the pavement. Whether you have the whole neighborhood as playmates or just your family, you can find a game that everyone will enjoy. Use your imagination and play sidewalk chalk games all afternoon.

Games with Stones

Draw a large calculator face on the ground with numbers zero through nine, the four basic arithmetic functions and the "equals" sign. Each player tries to work her way through the keypad. To begin, players throw a stone onto the "1" square, then use one foot to hop on squares that together equal one. For example, a player could hop on "3," "-" and "2." If a player steps on a wrong square or a line, she loses her turn. Players must continue to work their way through the keypad up to the number nine. The first player to get through all the numbers without a mistake is the winner.

Games With Balls

Draw two circles - one about 20 feet in diameter and another inside it, about five feet in diameter. Have players stand on the perimeter of the larger circle and designate a thrower. The thrower tries to bounce the ball into the smaller circle and then outside the larger circle. Other players can catch it before the second bounce to become the new thrower, but if it bounces twice, the original thrower earns a point and keeps throwing.

Active Games

Get two bouncing balls and draw four parallel lines in your driveway. Each pair of lines should be 5 feet apart, with about 10 feet between the pairs. The inner space is a safe zone for all players. Split players into teams and give each team a ball. Teams stand in the 5-foot spaces. Tell each team to choose a team king. Just like with regular dodgeball, teams begin throwing the balls at the opposition when "Go!" is called. If someone is hit, he is out, but if either king is hit, the whole team is out and the other team wins.

Other Games

List the names of all 50 states in a circle on your driveway. Call out a state capital. Players should run to the correct state and stand on it. The first player to arrive gets five points, the second gets three points and the third gets one. Keep score on the ground. At the end of all 50 states, the player with the most points wins. Draw a two-dimensional obstacle course for players to complete. Draw pairs of tires for players to jump into and out of, a spiral race track to run around and even directions, such as "Put your hands here (draw two chalk hands) and do five push-ups." Time every player; whoever has the shortest time wins.

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