How Should a Single Mom's Name Appear on Her Son's Wedding Invitation?

by Kimberly Turtenwald
Parents who contribute to the wedding should be listed on the invitation.

Parents who contribute to the wedding should be listed on the invitation.

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Wedding invitations follow a specific etiquette, including how parents are presented on the invitation. For a typical wedding invitation where the bride's and groom's parents are all still married, the presentation is simple. However, if, for instance, the groom's parents are divorced or his father is deceased, the question of how to list the mother must be addressed.

Mother's Name First

The bride's parents should always come first on an invitation. If the bride and groom desire, the groom's parents also may be listed, but always after the bride's parents. After the bride's parents, the word "and" should be used. On the next line, the groom's mother's name should appear if his parents are not married.

Divorced Mother

If the groom's mother was divorced from the groom's father and has not remarried, she should still be addressed as "Mrs." on the invitation. However, in addition to using her married name only, use her maiden name as well. For instance, her name should be listed beginning with "Mrs." and followed by her first name, her maiden name and finally her married name. In cases where she no longer uses her married name, using just her maiden name is acceptable. For example, the invitation should read: Mr. and Mrs. George Smith and Mrs. Sarah Long Jones Mr. Daniel Jones are pleased to invite you to the marriage of their children

Unmarried Mother

In some cases, the groom's mother may have never been married. In this case, she might always have been called Miss. To avoid making it look as though your mother is the bride, use "Ms." instead. Whether you use the groom's father's name or not depends on whether he has been involved in his son's life. If he is, the mother should appear on the invitation above the father's name without the use of the word "and." For instance, the invitation should read: Mr. and Mrs. George Smith and Ms. Sarah Long Mr. Daniel Jones invite you to attend the wedding of their children

Widowed Mother

When the father of the groom has passed away, some couples choose not to include the father on the invitation, honoring him instead in some other way. However, he typically does not appear on the invitation. In this case, the mother's name should appear beneath the bride's parents' names underneath the word "and." Use "Mrs." before her name followed by her first and last names. An invitation in this situation should read: Mr. and Mrs. George Smith and Mrs. Sarah Jones request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their children

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