What Should a Girl Scout Take to Day Camp?

by Terry Mulligan
Girl Scouts don't need as many supplies for a day camp as they would for an overnight camp.

Girl Scouts don't need as many supplies for a day camp as they would for an overnight camp.

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Attending a Girl Scout Day Camp doesn't require as many supplies as you would need if you were staying overnight. But you still will need to pack essential items for your sessions. Grab a soft backpack you can use to carry items with you -- but, remember to keep it light. It's not what you bring that's important, it's more about the friends and the memories you will make while at camp.

Liquids and Snacks

Always pack one or two water bottles filled with partially frozen water or with ice cubes that can melt gradually and provide cool water over an extended period of time. Stay away carbonated or caffeine drinks that can make you gassy or dehydrated. Bring snacks that are easy to eat and carry. Granola or power bars are a good idea because they are self-contained, simple and nutritious.


Since it's a day camp, there's no need to pack heavy. Just pack a few essentials for the day that give you what you'll need for different weather conditions. Pack a warm hooded sweatshirt and dress in layers. Start with a short sleeve T-shirt and add a long sleeve shirt over that. If you're wearing shorts, pack a pair of sweatpants, or vice versa. Add a folding plastic poncho or large plastic garbage bag to keep you dry if it rains. Also pack a hat, bandanna, sunglasses and an extra pair of socks.


A mini-first aid kit in a small plastic bag consisting of Band-Aids and antiseptic wipes is a must. Add a small pack of tissues, chapstick, sunscreen and a flashlight with extra batteries. Remember, you'll be on the move and involved in activities throughout the day, so don't pack a bunch of items you'll never get to use.


Unless instructed otherwise, leave electronics at home. Day camp is meant for hands-on activities and lots of teamwork. That usually doesn't involve radios, iPods, phones, hair dryers or other electronic devices. These would only be a distraction to the day's activities. Some camps, however, allow you to bring a camera to take pictures of the events. If permitted, bring a disposable camera that would not be a big loss if it were damaged or misplaced.

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