Shapes for Homemade Halloween Tombstones

by Sarah Freeman
Use a basic arched shape when designing your homemade tombstone.

Use a basic arched shape when designing your homemade tombstone.

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Halloween provides an opportunity to turn your welcoming home into a house of horror and haunts. Making your own tombstones at home is one fairly easy craft for Halloween decorations. When making homemade tombstones, design a variety of tombstone shapes to place in your yard and build a spooky cemetery.


When thinking of a Halloween tombstone, the classic arched design is probably one of the first shapes to come to mind. The basic shape is a rectangle with a curved top, like an upside-down U. This design is one of the easiest to create for those making homemade tombstones because the shape is simple to draw and cut out, without requiring much detail. Arched tombstones also leave plenty of room on the face to write epitaphs.


A cross is a traditional tombstone shape found at many cemeteries that can be recreated for your yard on Halloween. This shape can be as simple as two pieces of scrape wood nailed perpendicularly together. You can also carve this shape from a piece of foam. For a more detailed tombstone, create a rectangle shape with the cross extending up from the top. Add more details to the cross-shaped tombstone by drawing a circle around the center to create a Celtic-inspired cross.

Detailed Shapes

Create homemade tombstones that are as eye-catching as they are creepy by carving detailed shapes. Start with a basic tombstone shape, such as the arch design. Make the top of the tombstone pointed, or add a horizontal shelf on either side of the arch. Create a shape coming out of the top of a tombstone by carving the silhouette of a bat or ghost. Carve the sides of the tombstone, too, to create an hour-glass shape noting that the deceased's time was up.

Homemade Tombstone Tips

Foam creates a light and easy-to-work-with base for the creation when making tombstones at home. Select a foam board that's a few inches thick. Sketch the outline of the tombstone shape over the foam, making sure the sides are even and symmetrical. Use a bread knife or electrical saw to slice through the material, and soften the edges with sandpaper. You can then carve shapes into the face of the tombstone, such as a skull or cross, and also etch the epitaph.

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