Shamrock Glasses Craft

by Larry Davis

Go green to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in style. Make your own shamrock-shaped glasses. This craft idea is suitable for children and adults. Use it for entertainment at a party, for a group or family activity, or for an individual to make.

Cardboard Glasses

Trace a shamrock glasses pattern onto lightweight cardboard. Or, make your own pattern from paper. Cut out two 3-inch wide paper shamrock patterns and lay them side-by-side on lightweight cardboard. Arrange the shamrocks to touch and form the frame of glasses, overlapping slightly. Trace the shamrocks onto the cardboard. Draw a straight piece out from each side of the shamrock pair to fit over the your ears. Cut the center from each cardboard frame. Tape a piece of green cellophane paper on the back side of each hole to make green lenses. Use green paints, ink markers or gel pens to decorate the glasses frames. You may choose to make the glasses from green cardboard or poster board, if you wish.

Beaded Glasses

Use green and white chenille stems (pipe cleaners) and pony beads to create beaded glasses. Use a plastic or metal shamrock-shaped cookie cutter as a mold to shape the chenille stems into glasses. Twist a green and white stem together. Shape the twisted stems around the outside of a cookie cutter to determine whether more length is needed. Untwist the last 2 inches of stems and twist in two more to extend the length. Push pony beads onto the stems. Fill the stems as full as you want. Twist two chenille stems together to form each temple piece. Twist one temple piece onto the outside edge on each side of the glasses.

Dough Glasses

Have children roll out green craft dough. They should press cookie cutters into the dough to create two shamrocks, or use a plastic knife to cut two freehand shamrocks. Cut a hole in the center of each shamrock. Punch a small hole at each side of both shamrocks with a toothpick. Let the dough dry. Thread a half-piece of chenille stem through a hole on each shamrock. Twist the stems around the dough glasses to attach the two shamrock pieces together. Use a chenille stem to create a temple piece to fit over the ear on each side of the glasses.

Decorated Plastic Glasses

Purchase some inexpensive plastic sunglasses. Remove the lenses. Trace the plastic lenses onto green cellophane paper. Cut out the green cellophane pieces and one onto each lens. Place small pieces of tape around the edges to hold the cellophane onto the lenses. Put the lenses back into the glasses frames. Place shamrock stickers around the edges and along the temples of the glasses.

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