How to Set Up Party Decorations

by Victoria Kennedy
Balloons, streamers, banners and confetti are popular birthday party decorations that you can set up yourself.

Balloons, streamers, banners and confetti are popular birthday party decorations that you can set up yourself.

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When setting up party decorations, think about the occasion, the number of guests and the space you are decorating. Bigger spaces require larger quantities of decorations and greater variety, whereas smaller spaces require fewer decorations. Consider the number of guests. If your party space is overloaded with balloons and streamers and all surfaces are covered with centerpieces and confetti, guests may feel crowded and uncomfortable. After considering your party space, look around department stores, hobby stores and dollar stores for appropriate decorations.

Items you will need

  • Clear tape
  • Paper streamers
  • Helium balloons
  • Banner with text
  • Confetti
Step 1

Set up the paper streamers first since they will be the highest decorations. Attach one end of the streamer to the corner of the ceiling using clear tape. Twist the streamer to create spirals before attaching the second end to the ceiling. Don't pull the streamer too tight; let it dip down a bit in the middle. For added flair, use two streamers of different colors and twisting them together before attaching them to the ceiling.

Step 2

Set up helium balloons by attaching their strings to the backs of chairs or other pieces of furniture, which will act as anchors. If you are not using helium balloons, use clear tape to attach balloons to various surfaces, such as mantles, walls and the backs of chairs.

Step 3

Make or purchase a banner displaying appropriate text, such as, "Congratulations" or "Happy Birthday." If creating your own banner, add a relevant image or two. Homemade banners can be made out of card stock or scrapbook paper and cardboard letters or designed on a computer program and printed on sheets of computer paper that are then taped or glued together. Use clear tape to secure your banner above a doorway or on a wall where it will be clearly visible.

Step 4

Place confetti and other centerpieces, such as flowers, on the tops of the gift and food tables. Add some decorations to other tables, but make sure that guests still have space to put down plates and drinks when they are sitting.

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