Sermon on the Mount Craft for Kids

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The Sermon on the Mount teaches children about what it means to pray.

The Sermon on the Mount teaches children about what it means to pray. Images

In the Sermon on the Mount, found in the Gospel of Matthew, chapters five, six and seven in the New Testament of the Bible, Jesus teaches followers what it means to pray, and how followers can experience God and heaven here on Earth. The Sermon on the Mount is a common taught in Sunday School classes, Bible clubs and vacation Bible school. Using a craft to reinforce parts of the lesson gives children something to take home or play with in class to help them remember the key points of the sermon.

Heaven's Gate Collage

The Heaven's Gate Collage helps to reinforce the part of the Sermon on the Mount known as the Beatitudes. This project gives students a chance to visualize what heaven looks like for those who are poor in spirit. Teachers print out pictures of Jesus or heaven, or have students draw what they think heaven looks like. Then students cut out a picture of a gate that opens in the middle. Glue the edges of the gate to the edges of the picture so that the gate covers the drawing or picture of heaven. Once the glue dries, students can fold back the two sides of the gate to reveal heaven.

A Free Gift

Many of the Beatitudes deal with what people will receive because of how they live on Earth. These things are considered gifts or rewards. This craft helps students remember through the week that the gifts received from the Beatitudes are free gifts from God. Before class, write out the Beatitude verses on strips of yellow paper. When your students arrive, have an adult helper cut a rectangular tissue box about one inch from the top and around three sides. This allows the box to open like a treasure box. Make one for each child. Have students glue brown construction paper over the outside of the box. Next, cut several strips of yellow paper and glue around all the edges of the box. Have each student choose one of the Beatitude verses written earlier and glue it to the tops of the box. Give each student a handful of chocolate coins to put in the box for the treasure.

Prayer Magnet

This craft reminds students of the section of the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus taught the people the Lord's Prayer. Print out a copy of the prayer for each student, making sure each will fit on a 3-by-5-inch index card. Have students glue four Popsicle sticks together to make a rectangle. Glue foam decorations to the edges of this frame and allow to dry. Glue a copy of the Lord's Prayer to an index card. Trim the edges of the card to fit the back of the frame. Glue the index card with the prayer to the back of the frame so that the prayer shows through on the front. When the glue dries, add strips of magnetic tape to the top and bottom of the back of the frame.

Beatitude Game

This project lets students match the first part of the Beatitude with its reward. For example, the blessing "Blessed are the pure in heart" matches the reward, "for they shall see God." Draw bumblebee and beehive outlines on construction paper. Have students cut out and color the fronts of the bees and beehives. On the backs of the bees, using black marker, write the blessings from the Beatitudes. On the backs of the beehives, using black marker, write the rewards. Lay all the bees and beehives out on the table with the words facing down. Have students take turns turning over two cards and trying to match the blessing with the reward.

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