September Party Themes

by Melissa Morang

September is the beginning of fall and the gateway to the holidays. It is a time of magic and romance, where anything is possible. Celebrate this time by throwing a September party. There are several themes you can use for your September party for adults. Be careful, though, because your guests will love your party so much that it will become a tradition every year.

Hat Party

September is Fall Hat Month, so throw a hat-theme party. The guests can only gain entry if they wear a hat. Add to the entertainment by having a contest for the craziest hat and the most stylish hat. The guests can vote on their favorite hats. You can even play games where the guests have to decorate plain hats with food items like chocolate bars or hard candy. Hang hats around the house to add to the decor, and make a hat centerpiece for the table.

Johnny Appleseed Party

Sept. 26 is Johnny Appleseed Day. Johnny Appleseed is known for planting many apple trees during his life, so make apples the theme of your party. Serve apple cider and caramel apples and, of course, apple pie. Decorate your house with pictures of apples and put apple centerpieces on the table. Make the party interesting by having an old-fashioned apple bob, in which apples are placed in a large bucket or bowl of water. This is entertaining because the guests have to use their mouths to get an apple.

San Gennaro Feast

Sept. 19th is the feast of San Gennaro, the patron saint of Naples. Let your inner Italian out and mark this special occasion. Make sure you have plenty of Italian food, including Italian sausages, meatballs and pasta dishes, such as manicotti and linguine with clams. Don't forget pizza as well. Desserts must not be left out, so serve cannolis or tiramisu. Play Italian music and don't forget red wine with dinner and an after-dinner drink of limoncello. Serve espresso and cappuccino as well. Play Italian games like bocce ball to get into the spirit, and hang Italian flags around the house.

Pirate Party

Sept. 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, although this is not an official holiday. Invite the guests to wear their favorite pirate costumes and hold a costume contest. Create your invitations by using empty soda bottles and placing a little sand on the bottom. Roll up party invitations and place them inside. You can even draw a crossbones and skull on the outside. Decorate the house with toy parrots and treasure chests. You can also get a plastic skeleton and put an eye patch and a bandanna on it with a warning sign next to it. Serve rum drinks and seaworthy food, such as fish and chips. You can also serve large turkey legs, which are a pirate favorite.

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