September Baby Shower Ideas

by Lindsay Pick
Consult with the mother-to-be to tailor events to her wishes.

Consult with the mother-to-be to tailor events to her wishes.

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September baby showers are an opportunity for a modern twist on a fall theme for parents to be. Take advantage of the cooler temperatures to host a shower with access to the outdoors. Highlight the beauty of fall with decor, catering and activities focused on the vivid colors and tastes of the season.


September baby showers can follow a "Lil Pumpkin" theme, incorporating pumpkins in different shapes and sizes for decor. Pumpkins can become centerpieces, hold signs and act as vessels for food. Highlight bright fall leaves and branches to bring the colors of the season indoors. Other natural items to bring an autumn theme to a shower include straw bales, gourds and dried cornstalks. Shower decor in browns, oranges and deep reds picks up the colors of fall in table cloths, napkins and serving ware.


Cater a September baby shower with fall favorites. Hot spiced and cold pressed cider say autumn. Consider individual-sized apple or pumpkin pies instead of cake or make a traditional cake featuring warm fall spices. Add pumpkin to recipes for soups, muffins and cheesecakes.


No shower is complete without games or activities. Play a guessing game with pictures of guests as children dressed in Halloween costumes or print a pumpkin trivia game. For a more advanced activity, have guests carve pumpkins that show baby behavior such as drinking from a bottle or showing a toothy grin and vote on the most accurate representation.


Hand out fall-themed favors consisting of small food items such as honey, decorated cookies or mulling spices. Nonedible favors following the fall theme include pumpkin-shaped soaps or hand-painted gourds with the name of the mother-to be.

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