Sentimental and Unique Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

by Kent Page McGroarty, Demand Media

    Give the bride-to-be in your life gifts she will forever cherish during her bridal shower celebration. Get creative to find gifts that are both sentimental and unique, which can include customized or otherwise handmade gifts. Gifts that revolve around family are another way to tug at her heartstrings, such as placing VHS tapes of family videos on DVD.

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    Photo Gifts

    Photo gifts that are both sentimental and unique include images of the couple emblazoned on photo quilts, blankets, tote bags, platters and pillows. Quilts can feature images of the couple from the first days of their relationship through wedding preparations, while blankets could feature more cozy images of the couple, such as a picture snapped of the pair after they fell asleep together on the couch. Tote bag photos could be of favorite vacation images of the couple.

    Customized Wedding Gifts

    Commission personalized wedding gifts for the bride-to-be including flower girl baskets, ring bearer pillows, wedding garters, bridal bouquets, and tiaras/headpieces. Customized gifts are both one-of-a-kind and will mean more to the bride, especially if you hand make such gifts yourself, another option should you have the time and the resources. For example, friends who love the Grateful Dead and are planning a casual ceremony will enjoy ring bearer pillows made out of tie-dye material, while more traditional brides will get teary-eyed over a garter fashioned after the wedding garter her mother wore.

    Experience Gifts

    Give the gift of a vacation, which you can put a unique and sentimental spin on by researching areas of the country or world with special meaning to the bride and groom. For example, if the bride's parents are from Germany but the bride has never traveled there, plan a several-day excursion to the country based on information from her parents. Trip itinerary could include the city or town where her parents grew up, their favorite haunts, schools and restaurants.

    Wedding Survival Kits

    Though you can purchase such kits on wedding shopping sites, consider making your own version of wedding survival kits to give them unique, sentimental and humorous touches. Kit components can include a hand-written poem about what the bride's friendship means to you and how you wish her luck on her special day, locket pendants featuring either a picture of the couple or a picture of yourself with the bride, tissues, lip balm, and blotting papers. You can also throw in paper bags so she can "breathe" and bags found on airplanes for vomit should she feel nervous, both of which will make her laugh.

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