How to Select the Right Golf Ball for Your Game

by Todd Bowerman
The right ball can make or break your game.

The right ball can make or break your game. Images

With all the time you spend selecting the perfect club and working on your swing, you may overlook one of the most important decisions you can make on a golf course: which ball to use. Golf ball choice depends just as much on your personal style of play and the course you plan on attending as the rest of your equipment. The right ball can help you have a successful and enjoyable day on the fairway, while the wrong ball can perform counter to your expectations and stick you in the sand. Choose the right ball to keep your stroke count down and your spirits up.

Step 1

Buy the cheapest used or recycled balls you can find when you first start golfing. The ball will not make much of a difference until you have more mastery of the game, and you will lose so many balls at the beginning that it is not worth investing in quality balls.

Step 2

Grab a set of two-piece distance balls when you are more comfortable with your shots. These balls help mitigate slices and hooks and have greater launch than other balls, getting you to the green in fewer strokes.

Step 3

Buy two-piece low compression golf balls if you have a slow swing speed. These balls can add distance to a slow swing but should only be used by intermediate golfers that understand the mechanics of their swing.

Step 4

Upgrade to two-piece performance balls as you begin to see better results on each shot. These give you even greater distance but limit how much spin you can give the ball.

Step 5

Pick up multilayer balls when you are able to shoot under par nearly every time you hit the course. These balls enhance your spin and have strong energy transfer for increased distance, but are quite costly. Do not use these balls until you know you will not lose them.

Step 6

Test different balls as the quality of your game changes. While there are general rules for which ball works best for which players, the only way to discover the most solid ball for your skill set is by testing multiple ball types.

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