Secret Sister Reveal Party Ideas

by River Lin
A Secret Sister Reveal Party with a theme makes the discovery much more fun.

A Secret Sister Reveal Party with a theme makes the discovery much more fun.

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Secret sisters are popular friendship bonding promotions in various groups of women such as social clubs, sororities and church groups. The women draw names or are paired up by the leader and they exchange small gifts and cards with words of encouragement anonymously for a set period of time. At the "reveal" party, they find out who their secret sister has been. Because of the excitement of uncovering a secret, secret sister reveal parties are naturally a festive time of celebration. Add a theme or special activities and you will have a party that is talked about for years to come.


Play on the whole mystery of the secret sister idea and make your party a mystery theme. Decorate with question marks, black paper silhouettes of ladies' heads, notebooks and pens and notecards with questions written on them about the women in the group such as "Does she drive a green SUV?" or "Does she sing in the church choir?". Give little magnifying glasses out as party favors and set up a scavenger hunt to lead the women to their secret sister discoveries.


Play a game of charades at the party. For each player who wins a round of charades, give her a hint to help her identify her secret sister. Make sure participants agree not to guess their secret sisters out loud until everyone thinks they know the identity of their own secret sister. Conclude with the big reveal. Finally, play charades again with the newly discovered pairs acting out various scenarios together.

Treasure Hunt

Make several treasure maps and give them to the party guests as they arrive. The maps should include several steps. You can hide clues in party favors, written on the bottoms of their plates, in code on their nametags, etc. The treasure that each one finds at the end of her hunt is her secret sister!

Recipe Exchange

Have a pot-luck party in which each woman brings a special dish to share with the others. Recipes should be written on cards with the secret sister of the cook written on the back and then hidden around the room. Party guests look for the recipe cards and find the one with their name on the back. Then, as the guests are eating, they try to guess who made each dish. When they identify who made the dish with the recipe that has their name, they will know who their secret sister has been. As an added bonus, party guests can bring their food in a dish or bowl that will be given to their secret sisters as a final gift.

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