Secret Attractions at Disneyland

by Jennie Dalcour
Beyond parades and spectacles, secret attractions wait for dedicated fans to discover.

Beyond parades and spectacles, secret attractions wait for dedicated fans to discover.

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Disneyland is a magical kingdom that children grow up with and that adults return to with fond memories. Even frequent visitors find that Disneyland continues to hold many hidden and secret attractions. Some of these attractions require a little patience to uncover, while others are tightly kept secrets not usually available to the public. No matter how many times you visit the House of Mouse, Mickey holds back a few secrets for your next trip.

Main Street Secret Attractions

Main Street, the gateway to the magic, may be one of the busiest, yet undiscovered sections of Disneyland. Start your visit out at the Market House store where you can use an old-fashioned telephone to eavesdrop on a party line. Then you can take a mid-day break at the Main Street Cinema where you can catch old Disney cartoons. You can find Snow White's Grotto at the end of Main Street, in an area of the park that few visitors take time to discover. Located to the right of the front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle, this romantic scene includes a wishing well and Snow White and her seven dwarfs figurines. Toss a coin into the wishing well and listen for the echo of Snow White singing that occurs every 15 minutes.

Finding Mickeys

One of the most popular secret attractions at Disneyland is not a tangible ride or place, but an activity. The iconic Mickey Mouse face shape is hidden throughout the park in many forms. Disney Imagineers, cast members and artists have hidden Mickey faces at every ride, restaurant and attraction in Disneyland. Each hidden Mickey consists of three interlocking circles that are correctly proportioned to form the classic face and ears of Mickey Mouse. Look for hidden Mickeys in the decorations or structural elements. Ask nearby cast members to point out the Mickey faces at each ride and in every land.

Club 33

Hidden within New Orleans Square is one of the best hidden secret attractions in Disneyland. Club 33 is an ultra-exclusive club with a five-year waiting list to join. ABC News reported that membership costs were $9,500 in 2005. The Club 33 restaurant is located near Pirates of the Caribbean, but it is not open to the public. Only high-profile celebrities and leaders of nations are permitted membership and entry. Decorated like an old-fashioned speakeasy, Club 33 is the only restaurant in Disneyland to serve alcohol. If you are able to secure an invite, be sure to follow the dress code by avoiding shorts, sandals, sweats, tank tops and cutoff pants.

"Lilly Belle" Presidential Train Car

Create memories of a lifetime for the railroad fans in your group by riding the "Lilly Belle" presidential train car. The "Lilly Belle" is an enclosed caboose to one of the trains, named after Walt Disney's wife, Lillian. This exclusive train car was Walt and Lillian's private mode of transportation when they stayed at the Disneyland Park. The interior is still maintained in the same antique style featured in Walt Disney's Main Street apartment. Guests can take a trip on the "Lilly Belle" along with a private tour guide. Ask a conductor at the Main Street railroad station for the "Lilly Belle" availability. If this Disneyland jewel is running and an extra cast member is available, you may get to ride where Walt rode.

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