How to Seal Enamel Painted Glassware

by Ezekiel James
Enamel-painted glass must be sealed with a varnish or lacquer.

Enamel-painted glass must be sealed with a varnish or lacquer.

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Glass surfaces are often difficult to paint because they are slippery. In fact, many types of paint will not stick to glass surfaces. Enamel paints are commonly used on glass surfaces due to their ability to stick to slippery materials. The main downside to enamel paints is that they can easily scratch, chip and wear. After finishing glassware with enamel, you must seal it with a varnish or lacquer to preserve the integrity of the paint.

Items you will need

  • Work table
  • Drop cloth
  • Clean wash cloth
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Soft-bristled paint brush
  • Enamel paint
  • Lacquer or varnish
Step 1

Prepare your work space by providing a sturdy work table. Cover the table in newspaper, or a cloth material that you don't mind damaging permanently.

Step 2

Apply some Isopropyl alcohol to a clean wash cloth. Thoroughly wipe down all glassware before attempting to paint them. Allow a couple hours for the alcohol-treated glassware to dry.

Step 3

Use a soft-bristled paint brush to apply the enamel paint to the surfaces of your glassware pieces. Let the painted pieces sit for about 24 hours.

Step 4

Open your can of varnish or lacquer. Use a wooden stick to stir the sealant thoroughly. Dip your soft-bristled paint brush into the sealant, and apply it to your glassware. Be as thorough as possible to cover every inch of enamel paint in sealant.

Step 5

Let the first coat of sealant dry for 24 hours, apply a second coat and allow two days for the sealant to dry.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be sure to position your work space out of your main living area. Sealing your glassware is a four-day process that mostly consists of drying periods.

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