Scuba Diving in Port Huron, Michigan

by Jamie Farber
There are several places to scuba dive near Port Huron, Michigan.

There are several places to scuba dive near Port Huron, Michigan. Images

Port Huron is a city in the Eastern part of Michigan, near the state's thumb. The city is on the shores of Lake Huron, one of the five Great Lakes, and offers visitors and residents a variety of outdoor opportunities, including scuba diving. Enthusiasts and novices can learn about scuba diving, take classes for certification and explore close to 40 shipwrecks in Lake Huron. But divers beware, the lake is traditionally very cold, so wetsuits are a must.

Scuba Diving Shops

There are two scuba-diving shops in Port Huron that sell supplies and offer classes. Dive In Watersports ( and Commercial Diving and Marine Services ( are both in downtown Port Huron. Dive In Watersports caters more to the hobby diver while Commercial Diving offers services for companies as well as limited supplies for the hobby diver. Dive In Watersports has classes for all levels on a regular basis, while Commercial Diving offers classes on a more-sporadic basis.

Local Parks

Port Huron has several different parks that are open to the public and can be used by scuba divers looking for practice without a boat. Lakeside Beach and Lighthouse Park are both owned by the city of Port Huron and offer Lake Huron access for swimmers and scuba divers. The beaches do not offer dedicated scuba-diving areas, but for divers just looking for some practice, the water will work well. Practicing at local beaches is especially important if you have never been diving in Lake Huron before. The temperature alone can be difficult to adjust to for divers who are used to more-tropical waters.

Thumb Area Bottomland Preserve

The Thumb Area Bottomland Preserve ( is a 275-square-mile diving area located in Lake Huron. The Thumb Area Bottomland Preserve starts near Port Huron and includes 19 major shipwrecks with ships in a variety of states ranging from almost fully intact to broken apart. The Preserve also contains many shipwrecks that have not yet been documented, and divers may enjoy searching for undiscovered wrecks. The shipwrecks can only be reached by boat, but there are several different services in Port Huron that offer charters to the Thumb Area Bottomland Preserve.

Sanilac Shores Underwater Preserve

The Sanilac Shores Underwater Preserve ( is in Lake Huron just south of Port Huron. The 163-square-mile diving site features some of the Great Lake's most exciting shipwreck diving, according to the Michigan Underwater Preserve Council. The area has 17 known wrecks in depths ranging from just 10 feet to 170 feet. The preserve was also the location of Michigan's first underwater historical marker, which was placed on a sunken tugboat in 1992. A boat, either a charter or a personal one, is needed to reach the shipwrecks in the Sanilac Shores Underwater Preserve.

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