Scuba Diving in Fort Stewart, Georgia

by Sharon Harleigh
Scuba diving is an enjoyable, but demanding, outdoor activity.

Scuba diving is an enjoyable, but demanding, outdoor activity.

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Scuba diving is a fun outdoor that demands strength, stamina, skill and confidence. Scuba diving requires a diver to plummet deep below the surface of the ocean, creating tremendous opportunities for viewing ocean life. Certification is required, however, before a diver is allowed to scuba dive and proper equipment is a must. Although there is no scuba diving directly in Fort Stewart, there are many diving options located nearby for avid divers and new divers alike.

Scuba Instructors

The key to an enjoyable scuba diving experience is preparation and knowledge of what to expect. Diving Locker and Ski Chalet ( is located close to Fort Stewart in Savannah, and offers both group and individual lessons. Diving Locker and Ski Chalet offers both an open water diver class and a skills update class for those divers who need a refresher course. Atlantic PRO Divers Scuba Camp ( has been in existence since 1974 and offers scuba lessons all year long, on both weekends and weekdays to accommodate a wide range of personal schedules.

Scuba Equipment

Diver's Den ( is located in St. Mary's and is a full service equipment dealer offering the latest diving equipment and safety gear. They offer rentals as well as purchase items and service the items they sell. Diving Locker and Ski Chalet ( and Atlantic PRO Divers ( offer scuba gear for purchase or rental both in person and in their on-line stores.

Scuba Charters from Jacksonville Florida

Aquatic Adventures ( offers Monday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday scuba charters for individuals or groups. Charters leave Savannah at 7 a.m. and return at 2 p.m. Aquatic Adventures charges $95 for three dives and exact dive location depends upon weather conditions and visibility.

Scuba Charters from Savannah Georgia

Georgia Offshore ( offers a 30-foot Contendor boat which holds six passengers for a charter from Savannah. Georgia Offshore charges $150 per person for two dives and requires that each diver be "open water certified." Diver's Den Georgia ( operates South Georgia Dive Charters which offers a 36-foot Gulfstream boat and offers not only day charters, but also packages which include dives, hotel accommodations and meals.

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