Scrapbook Biography Project

by Christi Aldridge
Put together a special scrapbook using life memories.

Put together a special scrapbook using life memories.

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A scrapbook is a colorful book you can put together using premade scrapbook pages, photographs, stickers and other embellishments to make a biography pop. Create a scrapbook of a person's life, or your own, that highlights special moments and memories in a book that will be cherished for a lifetime.


Scrapbook pages are available at craft stores and in many designs. Double-stick tape or special scrapbook glue can be used to adhere photos to the book. You also need scissors, stickers, frames, adhesive letters and other embellishments. A computer with a printer is necessary for typing biographical details.

Putting It Together

Choose the subject and use copies of old or special photos so you won't ruin any originals. Cut the photos in any shape you desire (pinking shears give photos a decorative edge) and use the scrapbooking frames to emphasize them. Scrapbook glue or tape is used to place the photos on the pages. Adhesive letters can spell out places, dates and names.


A biographical scrapbook needs to include stories -- each page can be devoted to a certain event or place. If the person is alive, interview him and use his words on the pages. The stories can be handwritten on the pages with special pens if a computer isn't available. Choose a pretty font that goes with your scrapbook and use print large enough to read. Don't make stories too long; cut paragraphs up and adhere them to each page to provide an interesting insight into the photos you are showing off in your book.


Part of the fun of scrapbooking is making the book come to life with embellishments. These can include dimensional stickers including flowers, shapes, people and items that denote hobbies such as dancing or sports. If you don't want to go overboard with glitter, use just a few demure stickers that will add something to the biography. Other embellishments include ribbons and different shapes of paper, frames or beads and buttons.

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