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Harrows Darts hosts an annual tournament in England.

Harrows Darts hosts an annual tournament in England.

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Harrows Darts is a dart company located in Hoddesdon, England, which is located in Hertfordshire country, between the cities of Cambridge and London. In addition to manufacturing darts, Harrows Darts holds an annual amateur dart tournament. The tournament regional finals are held in July and the tournament finals are held in August. Although sponsors, locations and prizes vary by year, the general rules remain the same. Harrows Darts tournaments offer amateur dart enthusiasts a chance to demonstrate their skill at the game of darts while having a bit of fun.

Team Qualifications

Teams consist of six players each and a list of names must be submitted before the given deadline. Of those six players, no more than two players can be County A players who have participated in the season's British Inter-Country Championship, or BICC, matches. You can enter the tournament at a Rileys, clubs that are located throughout England. No players may be members of the Professional Darts Players Association. Every player on each team must complete local qualifying matches before the given deadline.

Technical Details

The game is played using a standard board. The board will be placed so that the bull's-eye is exactly 5 ft. 8 in. from the floor. The throwing distance will be exactly 7 ft. 9 1/4 in. from the board, marked as appropriate. Players must stand with their toe against the toe line, or oche, and within 1 foot of side limits. All players will provide their own darts. Darts must weigh between 10 and 50 grams and have metal tips.


Games are played in two sessions, each consisting of four legs, each leg consisting of three games. Each game is played following 701 rules, which state that each player begins the game with 701 points. Each throw deducts points from the 701 total (according to the position of the dart on the board) and the first player to reach exactly 0 wins the game. If the games are tied 4 to 4, a ninth game will be played. A coin toss determines which team throws first in the first game, and first throws are alternated in each subsequent leg. There is no option for a tied game: the first player to score 701 wins the game. To receive points, the darts must remain in the board until the official score for the throw is called. Scores are kept with a marker and verified by a referee and will be visible to players at all times.

Other Rules

Guidelines for the competition are subject to change. Players or teams may be disqualified for causing a disruption or unruly behavior during the game. Players are expected to follow the rules dictated by competition organizers and referees. Rules may be changed by the organizers of the event. In addition, players are expected to wear patches or logos of sponsors provided by the hosts of the tournament.


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