How to Score in Tag Rugby

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To score, the ball must be pressed to the ground with force.

To score, the ball must be pressed to the ground with force.

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Tag rugby, like tag football, is a non-tackle variant. Rugby tag belts are worn by players. These belts have two removable Velcro tags that are worn with one tag hanging over each hip. A player is "tagged" if a tag is pulled off by an opponent when he has the ball. Once the player reaches the goal area, the score is legal only if the player's tags are intact.

Items you will need

  • Playing area, approximately 196' x 98', plus 16' for each scoring area
  • Two teams of 5 to 8 players each
  • Rugby ball
  • Rugby tag belt (with two removable Velcro tags)
Step 1

Run toward the opposing team's goal line. If you have the ball, you must dodge the opposing team's players, who will attempt to "tag" you, or detach one of your two belt strips. If your tag strip is removed, you have three seconds to throw the ball to another player on your team. Only the player with the ball can be tagged.

Step 2

Pass the ball to a teammate once an opposing player comes close to your tag belt area. You can only throw the ball sideways or backward when passing to a team mate. If you throw the ball forward, the opposing team will get the ball.

Step 3

Keep your eyes on the ball carrier as you move toward the goal line. Stay in passing range when possible, making sure to keep your defender behind you to prevent an interception.

Step 4

Run the ball past the goal line if you have the ball and are not in danger of being tagged. Press the ball to the ground and apply pressure. You may not dive over the goal line or kneel to press the ball to the ground.

Tips & Warnings

  • When your team is on defense, you should prevent the ball from moving toward the opposing team's goal line by detaching the ball-carrier's tag strip from his belt once he's in possession of the ball. You must yell "tag" loudly enough for the referee to hear and hold up the tag in the air. A "tag" will force the carrier to throw the ball within three seconds, which opens up a chance for your team to intercept the ball. Once the ball is passed, you must hand the tag strip back to the player.
  • To prevent injury, tag rugby players should wear shin pads and mouth guards.
  • Whether playing offense or defense, the only physical contact permitted in tag rugby is the detachment of the opposing team member's tag belt strip. Players may not physically hinder the ball from being pressed to the ground in the goal area or try to tackle the ball carrier or any player at any time.

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