Scavenger Hunt Challenges

by Tuesday Fuller
In most scavenger hunts, all areas of the home are open to searches.

In most scavenger hunts, all areas of the home are open to searches.

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A scavenger hunt is a creative way to break the ice at any party by encouraging group efforts. It also provides an hour or so of entertainment while giving the host the chance to catch up on any little tasks such as topping off desserts and finishing entrees. Challenges for scavenger hunts can vary depending on party location and theme. Unique scavenger lists break from tradition and force guests to get creative to find all the items.

The Photo Challenge

Most likely, every guest will show up with her cell phone or digital camera, making a photographic scavenger hunt not only fun for those tech-savvy guests but also convenient since guests do not have to carry baskets and multiple items. Items on a list for a photographic scavenger hunt can include movie posters, street signs or store advertisements, emotions, bad fashion faux pas and architectural elements. Have your guests be respectful of people's property, privacy and feelings.

Riddle, Rhyme and Reason

Challenges for this type of scavenger hunt should have guests solving puzzles and evaluating clues for the item. These hunts are better for older kids and adults but can be simplified for young children when asking simple questions like, "What shape has four sides that are all the same?" The children have to find a square. Options for adult questions might be, "I was the 16th president of the United States." The guest must find a picture of Abraham Lincoln, most commonly on a penny. Encourage guests to think outside of the box by withholding points for similar items brought back by multiple guests.

A Trip to the Mall

People of all ages love going to the mall, so liven up the next trip or event with a mall-based scavenger hunt. Guests will need to have a camera to document their adventures. Some ideas for a mall challenge include making a wish in the fountain, finding a mannequin with a funny wig, a couple holding hands, a particular book cover, or trying on a ridiculous or elegant outfit. Avoid items on the list that encourage illegal or rambunctious behavior, such as making a scene in public or performing crazy stunts.

Into the Wild

This theme incorporates a variety of outdoor scavenger hunt challenges. Jungle themes and nature hunts have guests looking for wild animal and pet pictures or toys and are fun for kids' parties. Young kids can also draw the items they've found to satisfy the list. What's that Sound is a good game for older kids and adults and provides a fun way to explore the neighborhood. Guests take sound clips of items on the list on a portable tape recorder or on their cell phones. Another idea for a scavenger hunt challenge is to create and progress through an obstacle course; ideas may include making a free throw shot, walking a balance beam, or sliding down a slide on your belly.

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