Scary Vampire Games

by Krystal Miller
Create scary games for your next vampire-themed party.

Create scary games for your next vampire-themed party.

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With the slew of vampire books and movies, it may not come as any surprise when your child or teen wants to have a scary vampire party. Plan a variety of scary vampire games for the guests to participate in to win prizes. Awarding prizes such as vampire-themed books, stickers and movies to the game winners will encourage each guest to participate.

Coloring Games

Websites like Color Me Good offer a variety of scary vampire coloring sheets. Start the games with a basic coloring contest by printing several sheets and giving one to each guest. The guests can use crayons, markers and paint to color the pictures. Award prizes to the best, most realistic and most creative vampire pictures. Alternatively, have the guests try freehand scary pictures of vampires. You can give the pictures to use as guides. Award prizes to contest winners.

Costume Contest

In the party invitations, be sure to tell your party guests to come dressed as a scary vampire. You can also provide Halloween makeup, costumes, hair dye and fake blood for the guests to use as they arrive. This will give each guest a chance to participate. Alternatively, have each guest select a partner. The partners have 20 minutes to give each other a scary vampire makeover using the items provided. Award prizes for the best costume, scariest and most creative.

Trivia Games

Before the party, print several questions about scary vampires. For example, ask questions like "Who is the principal from Forks High School in the movie 'Twilight' "? and "Name two characters from the 'Vampire Diaries' television series." The player who answers the most questions correctly wins the game. Another idea is to use the "Scene It Twilight" board game. The party guests can play this game and you can award prizes to the overall winner or a prize for each correct answer.

Circle Games

Have the players stand in a circle and select one player to be the vampire hunter. The vampire hunter must leave the room while the guests select a vampire. Bring the hunter back in and have him stand in the middle of the circle. The vampire must show his fangs to the other party guests to "kill" them without the hunter seeing him. If another player sees the vampire show his fangs, he must scream and fall down. The vampire hunter has three guesses to guess who the vampire is. For a scarier game, play outside in the dark with very dim lighting.

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