Scary Halloween Party Games for Tweens

by Shaunta Alburger
Scaring themselves is one of the best part about tween Halloween party games.

Scaring themselves is one of the best part about tween Halloween party games.

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Part of the fun of a tween Halloween party is the opportunity for the kids to scare themselves and each other. One way to do that is a traditional, spooky game. Participating in such games in a safe place gives kids a chance to be scared without really being in danger.

Bloody Mary

Generations of tweens have scared themselves and each other at Halloween by playing Bloody Mary. The game involves each kid going alone into a room with a mirror, usually a bathroom, with a lit candle and having the nerve to say "Bloody Mary" three times in a row. The legend is this will cause any number of terrifying manifestations, most commonly for the lady herself to show up in the mirror looking for her dead baby. For safety's sake, use an electric candle instead of a real flame. You'll get the same effect without the danger of a fire if someone gets scared and drops the candle.

Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board

Spooky up a Halloween party with this traditional tween slumber party game. The goal is for everyone to participate in levitating one guest. Have someone lay flat on the floor with arms straight at her sides. Everyone else kneels around her and slips two fingers of each hand under her body and chants "Light as a feather, stiff as a board" several times, lifting with their fingers in the hopes of the person levitating from the floor, her body stiff and light.

Ouija Board

A Ouija board is one of the scariest board game on the market and adds a spooky element to a tween Halloween party. The board has the alphabet, numbers and the words 'yes' and 'no' written on it. Two people put their fingers on a triangular pointer and ask questions. The pointer moves to point to the answer, although nobody knows whether it is the participants or spirits moving the device.

Zombie Attack

If the tweens want a more active Halloween game, try a round of zombie attack. Everyone gets to be a zombie, shuffling around and moaning for brains to satisfy their grisly hunger. One kid at a time is the only human. The human holds a bucket of tennis balls. In this scarier version of dodge ball, zombies come toward the human, who throws the balls at them. If a ball hits a zombie, that person freezes until only one zombie remains or the human is caught.

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