Scary Halloween Events in New Hampshire

by Christine LaFleur
Visit a haunted house for a Halloween scare.

Visit a haunted house for a Halloween scare.

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If you are looking for scary Halloween events in New Hampshire, you have plenty of options. Choose from haunted houses to haunted theme parks for your Halloween thrills. Each event is designed to scare the pants off of you. Use your best judgment when taking children to these events because they are designed for adults.

Haunted Acres

Haunted Acres ( is a Halloween-themed park in Epping, New Hampshire. If you visit Haunted Acres, you will find an 1860's Western ghost town. There are four attractions in this park. There is the Skeleton Saloon House, the 3-D Nuclear Accident House, the 1/4 Mile Nightmare Walk and the Maze from Hell. Each attraction features ghosts, ghouls or demons waiting to scare you.

Fright Kingdom

Fright Kingdom ( is located in Nashua, New Hampshire. Fright Kingdom features three attractions. Visit a family of cannibals in Bloodmare Manor where you will witness their disturbing deeds. Vampire Castle may bring you face-to-face with an actual vampire who is waiting to feed on you. Psycho Circus puts you in the middle of a ghostly carnival.

The House of Fear

The House of Fear ( is located in Manchester, New Hampshire. It is a haunted house surrounded by the legend of Silas Blackwell. Silas was partnered with his brother, Ethan, in a funeral parlor business. Ethan suddenly died and left the business to his family instead of Silas. Silas was angry and murdered Ethan's family. If you enter the House of Fear you may come face-to-face with the evil ghost of Silas.

Spookyworld and Nightmare New England

Spookyworld and Nightmare New England ( is a huge event boasting seven attractions in Litchfield, New Hampshire. You will begin your haunted adventure in Scream Park where you will have the opportunity to buy concessions and souvenirs.You will then make your way to an attraction. Each attraction is designed to play-off of your greatest fears. This event is not recommended for children under age 13.

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