Scarecrow Kid Craft

by Laura Wilson
Children can make scarecrow crafts to decorate for the fall.

Children can make scarecrow crafts to decorate for the fall. Images

With fall comes cooler weather and children who are ready to do some indoor activities. Scarecrows are a great decoration for fall that often get overlooked with all the pumpkins and leaves about. Children will enjoy making their own scarecrow crafts and many can be made with items on hand so planning ahead isn't even necessary.

Miniature Scarecrow

A typical scarecrow is made from using clothes and a hat that are stuffed with hay. Children can make their own mini-scarecrow by using doll clothes. Have children pick an old doll outfit and stuff it with crumpled-up old newspapers. Stick some hay or raffia out the arms and legs. For the head, use a small pumpkin that can be glued on the shirt collar, and use permanent markers to give him a face. Finish him off with a hat made from construction paper.

Scarecrow Necklace

The finished product is so cute, you just may be able to keep the kids from eating it! Keep all wrappers on the candy and have an adult supervise use of a glue gun. The Family Fun website suggests starting with a miniature box of raisins for the body and gluing on two rolls of Smarties or Spree for legs. Use two small Tootsie Rolls for arms, and a round caramel for the head. Cut five pieces of raffia 4 inches long. Wrap one of the pieces around the middle of the other four to make a small bundle of hay to go under the scarecrow's head. Cut a piece of raffia long enough to go around the child's head for the necklace and glue it to the raisin box.

Paper Bag or Plate Scarecrow

Use a paper bag or paint a paper plate light brown to make a silly scarecrow. With either choice, glue on some large googly eyes, and a rectangle piece of construction paper for a nose. Glue on a bow tie made of construction paper and use yellow yarn or raffia for hair. If using a paper bag, glue buttons down the front of the scarecrow's shirt, add arms, and some more raffia to look like hay sticking out of his sleeves. Finish either craft off with a floppy brown construction paper hat.

Paper Scarecrow

The simplest of all scarecrows can be made using construction paper and a glue stick, perfect for children as young as 2 or 3 years old. Use DLTK's Scarecrow Paper Craft templates (see Resources) and print out pieces of the scarecrow. They can be printed in black and white and colored by children, or print the color template for a ready-to-go craft. Cut the pieces out (small children will need help) and glue them together. Choose from a large size for a more noticeable decoration, or a smaller size for a shorter project.

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