The Scarecrow Festival Near Filey, England

by Ian Farquharson

The small village of Muston is a couple of miles to the southwest of Filey in North Yorkshire, England. This usually quiet town comes alive during a week in late summer, during the annual Scarecrow Festival. Scarecrows of all shapes and sizes are displayed around the village.


Muston is on the west coast of England, in the Scarborough District of the county of North Yorkshire. Located on the A1039 route, Muston is seven miles southeast of Scarborough Town, and slightly more than one mile inland from the coastal town of Filey. Muston stages the Scarecrow Festival every year, usually over one week near the end of July.


The residents of Muston participate in the festival by producing a homemade scarecrow. The festival regularly has more than 100 scarecrows on display. Many hundreds of visitors that come to Muston during the festival.


The scarecrows produced for the festival are designed in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. Villagers try to outdo each other. Some figures have a traditional scarecrow look, others are based on local residents, cartoon characters, politicians or other famous people.


A local judge views the scarecrows and chooses the top three, with first place awarded a cash prize. The judging takes place on the first day of the festival, although the results remain secret until the conclusion of the event. This allows a competition for visitors who to select their own top three scarecrows. The visitor whose choice comes closest to matching that of the official judge receives a cash prize.

Other Events

The main feature of the festival involves a tour of the village to view the scarecrows. The villagers typically provide refreshments. A merchandise booth sells souvenirs. The proceeds are used for community projects.

Muston Church Festival

The Muston All Saints' Church hosts the Muston Church Festival during the same week as the Scarecrow Festival. The church is decorated with pictures and other items related to the annual festival theme. The church also provides refreshments. Proceeds from the sale of refreshments, and any donations, help support church projects.

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