How to Scare Your Friends on Halloween

by Dana Tuffelmire
A scary costume and a clever hiding spot will get friends screaming.

A scary costume and a clever hiding spot will get friends screaming.

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Halloween means mischief is in the air, bringing out the trickster in all of us. Who better to scare than your own friends? Just remember to exercise discretion--only scare friends who are old enough to handle the fright.

Items you will need

  • Costume
  • Refrigerator box
  • Strobe light
Step 1

Disguise yourself in a scarecrow costume and pose on the front lawn. Stay as still as possible, then leap at your friends as they approach the house. Other costume choices include a vampire, mummy or ghost.

Step 2

Write a spooky message on a friend's bathroom mirror with your finger, such as "I'm watching you," "Beware!" or "Watch your back tonight!" Breathe on the mirror until the words appear and let it dry. When the steam from the shower causes the mirror to fog, the message will reappear.

Step 3

Make a fake coffin from a large refrigerator box. Dress up as a mummy or vampire and lie down in the coffin. Draw curious friends in by setting up a strobe light near the coffin. Play dead until they are over the coffin, checking it out, then jump up, screaming, and chase them.

Step 4

Dress in a costume that makes you unrecognizable. Join a group of friends as they trick-or-treat. Do not speak or let them know who you are. This will unsettle them until they become frightened.

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