Sayings for Oriental Party Invitations

by Lori Soard
Insert your invitation and sayings into fortune cookies.

Insert your invitation and sayings into fortune cookies.

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If you're planning an Oriental-themed party, start the occasion off right from the minute the invitation arrives. Creating an Asian-inspired invitation is just the beginning. Adding a saying or two that ties into your theme could motivate people to attend the party and even keep your invitation stuck on their refrigerator for a while.

Surprise Party

For a surprise party with an Oriental theme, tie the invitation into a fortune cookie. Create or purchase an invitation with pictures of fortune cookies and use words that tie into this theme, such as "Good fortune is bestowed on the one who keeps silent about the birthday girl's party." Then list the day, location and time of the party.

Confucius Say

Use the wisdom of the legendary thinker and educator who had so much to share. Start the invitation with: "Confucius Say: Remember, no matter where you go, there you are." Then add that you hope the guests will be at your party on the particular date.


For a dinner party or graduation open house, glue chopsticks to the outside of the invitation or include a small set in the envelope. Use wording like "Bring these chopsticks and your appetite to help us celebrate Susie's graduation Chinese style."

Chinese Horoscope

If you're planning a Chinese New Year party, consult a Chinese horoscope to find out what animal will be ushering in the year. Twelve animals are appointed to different years. Then you'll simply write something along the lines of: "Come ring in 2012, the year of the dragon, with us."


For an Asian-themed pool party, complete with Chinese lanterns, use this Chinese proverb: "A drop of water shall be returned with a burst of spring." For a party at the local zoo, open your invitation with a proverb such as, "When the tree falls, the monkeys scatter," for a cute approach.

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