What Do You Say on a 50th Wedding Annivesary Invitation?

by Rob Kemmett
The golden wedding anniversary is often celebrated by the couple exchanging gifts made of gold.

The golden wedding anniversary is often celebrated by the couple exchanging gifts made of gold.

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Celebrating a 50th anniversary is something done with pride, love and class -- after all, it is the "golden anniversary." With all the excitement surrounding the party, ensure the invitations say the right thing, in the right way. Anniversary invitations often contain a few key points of information, the name of the couple, location of the party venue, date and time, and the RSVP contact. Use proper English and ensure its message is clear.

Name of the Couple

The name of you and your spouse must appear at or near the top of the invitation -- after all, the both of you are the highlight of the evening. Don't just list your name or any other of the information -- use sentences. Properly constructed sentences make the invitation warm and inviting. Begin the invitation with something such as, "John and Jane Doe cordially invite you to their 50th wedding anniversary party," "John and Jane Doe request the pleasure of your company" or "Please join John and Jane Doe in celebrating their golden anniversary."

Party Venue

After introducing the couple and the party, inform the guests of the party's location. Include the name and address of the party venue. If the venue will be at a place hard to find, include a description of a nearby well-known location. Use wording such as, "The honor of your presence is requested at the Hyatt" or "Please be our guest at the Plaza Hotel." The address of the venue should be listed at the end of the invitation. Include the street address, city and zip code. If necessary, include a brief description of the location, such as, "across the street from the Ford dealership on Broadway" or "Off exit 54 on I-77."

Date and Time

Include the date and time in the sentence listing the name of the venue or in the following sentence. Be specific. Spell out the day, such as "Saturday," the date, with no abbreviations, and the exact hour the party starts. Use wording such as, "The honor of your presence is requested at the Hyatt on the twelfth day of January at 6:30 pm" or "Please be our guest at the Plaza Hotel at 7:00 pm on Saturday, May 4th." Indicate whether the party is formal or casual, so party attendees know what to wear, or whether a sit-down dinner or hors d' oeuvres are planned, so people know what to expect.


The RSVP name listed is the person the guests must contact to accept or decline the invitation. The RSVP request is important, because it helps party planners to determine a head count for the event to know how many places to set or how many people to prepare for. List the RSVP contact at the bottom of the invitation or include the RSVP on a separate piece of paper as an insert included with the invitation. List the person's name, telephone number and email address. Include the date by which guests must respond.

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