How to Get Satellite Internet in Phoenix, Arizona

by Josh Patrick

Satellite Internet service remains an attractive option for many consumers. Rural residents often can't access cable or DSL Internet connections. Others may not like dealing with cable or phone companies and their sales pitches. In Phoenix, Arizona, several reputable satellite Internet providers are eager to do business. A clear view of the southern sky and a computer are all that's required to get started. The service provider will deliver and install the dish, modem and whatever cabling is necessary.

Step 1

Look in the yellow pages or do a web search for satellite Internet providers in Phoenix. Make a list of these providers. Write down their telephone numbers and web addresses.

Step 2

Navigate to the home pages of local satellite Internet providers. Check that service is available at your exact location. Some providers ask for your zip code, while others require a home phone number. With service availability confirmed, navigate to the pages that show plans and prices.

Step 3

Compare the prices and plans of several providers. Consider your needs as you browse the plans. Economical plans feature lower speeds at lower costs. If you use the Internet heavily, you may need a premium package. Look for any fringe benefits that give one provider an advantage over another, such as free installation.

Step 4

Choose the plan that best fits your needs at the best price. Call the number of that provider. Schedule a convenient time for a technician to install the hardware for your satellite Internet service. Ask him whatever questions you may still have about satellite Internet.

Tips & Warnings

  • Satellite Internet often has usage limits. These limits may be based on 24-hour or 30-day cycles. Estimate how much downloading capacity you will need and purchase a plan that allows for that amount.
  • Some providers require that you sign a 24-month agreement. Before signing anything, be absolutely sure you understand what you're agreeing to and the consequences for breaking the agreement.
  • Satellite Internet is not as fast as cable or DSL. Therefore, certain high-end uses of the Internet will be difficult or impossible with a satellite connection. These include online gaming, movie watching and very large file downloads.

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