Sample Wording for a Barbeque Invitation

by Donna Tinus

Whether it's for a shower, welcoming a new neighbor or getting family and friends together, a barbecue is an occasion to relax and mingle. Since a barbecue is outdoors, it is an informal occasion. This means your invitations need not follow certain guidelines -- you can use your imagination and have fun with the invitations, or follow a simple template with just the facts. Either way, your guests will appreciate the invitation.

Simple Barbecue

When inviting people to a barbecue, the invitation should tell the story behind the reason for the barbecue. If you're creative, come up with a cute poem, such as "The coals are hot, but we're not. Come on over for some chillin' and grillin'." If poems aren't your cup of tea, just simply say something like "It's summer, the coals are hot, come and join us for a backyard barbecue." The phrase should be followed by the details -- date, time, place and the names of the hosts. Don't forget to include "RSVP" followed by a phone number and email address, if you have one, so you know how much food to buy.

Employee Barbecue

An employee barbecue is a time for the employer to show his appreciation to his employees for a job well done. In addition to the important details like date, place and time, employee barbecue invitations should tell the employee who is invited. If only the employee is invited, perhaps the invitation can read "Benson Reality appreciates your outstanding service and cordially invites you to attend a barbecue." If the employee can bring one guest, the invitation could say, "You and a guest are invited to attend a barbecue hosted by Benson Realty." If the whole family is invited, the invitation might be worded "Bring the whole family to a fun-filled barbecue." If there are any type of activities being offered at the barbecue, such as swimming or a softball game, include that information on the invitation so the guests know how to dress. If desired, you can also list the menu, or a few of the types of foods that will be served.

Barbecue for Special Occasion

If you're having a barbecue for a special occasion, such as a shower or birthday party, write the invitation as you would for a shower or birthday invitation, but express the fact that it will be a barbecue. People will dress differently if they know they will be outdoors for several hours, and will appreciate knowing in advance. You could word the invitation as "Join us for a barbecue as we shower Sharon with best wishes before her upcoming wedding to Nick." Include who is throwing the shower and don't forget the RSVP.

Block Party Barbecue

A block party brings the whole neighborhood, or the neighbors who live on one street, together to bond and enjoy each other's company. The invitation should list where the party will take place. Some neighborhoods will hold it at one person's house, while some others may hold it out in the street. All the guests generally bring something to share to a block party, so the RSVP is important and should also say something like, "Please RSVP by July 20th with the dish you would like to contribute."

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