Safari Jungle Theme Baby Shower Games

by Christine LaFleur
Incorporate baby jungle animals into your baby shower games.

Incorporate baby jungle animals into your baby shower games.

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Throw a safari jungle-themed baby shower for the mother-to-be who loves wild animals and adventure. Finding decorations for this theme is simple enough, but you will also need to include some games to go along with your safari jungle theme. Incorporate baby animals into the games and play some safari music in the background to make guests feel like they are on a safari.

Name That Baby Animal

Create a list of animal names using a word processing program. For example, you would want to include jungle animals like tiger, elephant, wildebeest, monkey, gorilla and any other jungle animals you can think of. You could also include other animals that are not necessarily found in the jungle such as a pig, donkey or cow to add some variety to the game. Create a list with the names of each animal's baby to use as a masterlist after guests have attempted to name each animal's baby. For example, a baby tiger is a cub, a baby elephant is a calf and a baby gorilla is an infant. The guest with the most correct answers wins.

Animal Charades

Find the names of several jungle animals such as an elephant, cheetah, monkey, orangutan, wildebeest, antelope and baboon. Try to have as many animal choices as you have guests. Write each animal name on individual slips of paper and place them in a hat. Divide the guests into two teams. Each guest will then draw an animal name and pretend to be that animal in an effort to help her team guess which animal she is portraying.

Name That Animal Mom and Dad

This game is similar to Name That Baby Animal except in this game guests will need to guess the male and female names of each animal. For example, a female deer is a doe and a male deer is a buck. Another example is a turkey. A male turkey is a tom while a female turkey is a hen. Try to find the most unusual animals to make the guessing even more difficult.

Musical Chairs to Safari Music

Play a game of musical chairs with your guests. Have guests arrange enough chairs in a circle for everyone except one person. Play safari-themed music while guests circle the chairs. Stop the music when the guests least expect it. The person left without a chair is out of the game. Continue until there is only one person left. A good choice of safari music could be the soundtrack from the movie "The Lion King."

Safari Scavenger Hunt

Plan a safari scavenger hunt. Send guests on a mission to find a nice prize. Use note cards and write clues on each one to find the next until you reach the prize. You can send your guests to as many different locations at your party spot as you want. Hide clues in plants, under a jungle stuffed animal or wherever you please.

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